Do you love me?

It’s such a simple question to ask. But the answer isn’t simple. Why not…

It’s not a simple answer because He guides me, teaches me, shares with me, disciplines me, listens to me, offers advice, believes in me. And so much more. He knows I’ll push myself so hard til He says, ‘relax’. He knows His happiness is my reward and He must tell me to stop, or I dont. He knows this must be 100% from me, I cannot serve half in/half out. He knows He’s trusted with my safety and my orgasms.

 He also stays the night, gives me morning kisses doesn’t care about morning breath or how awful I look. He’s proud of my efforts for my hard work. If He gives me a task He knows I’m feisty enough to not let it sit. He knows I only want to have Him be proud of me. I may not be the most beautiful or skinniest female in the world, but He knows I will serve Him like no other, put Him first in my thoughts.  I will do whatever it takes to please Him, now how many females can do that? Any of them can open their legs to Him, but He’s smart and knows that won’t keep a man like Him. He knows I cook and clean, I’m sort of a perfectionist. He knows I will tell on myself, I will tell Him anything He asks about, I won’t lie to Him no matter how scared I will be of His wrath. He knows I have a bratty side but I refuse to be disrespectful . He knows I have a temper and I work hard to keep it in check. He knows no matter what shift I work I will get him breakfast, a sign that nothing is more important than Him. He knows if He tells me to do something it will be done. He knows He’s in charge, I want no part of that, I’m a follower, a leader only when needed. He knows when I ask to speak freely anything can come flying out of my mouth. He knows I want forever with Him, and threesomes.  He knows He’s the man I want, Daddy I adore, Master I serve, biker I desire. All are to be and will be respected.  

He knows we ‘Netflix and chill’, it’s so good! He knows He’s the only man who touches my body, inside and out. He knows He can trust me with anything. 

He knows,  He knows, He knows… There is so much more that He knows. Nothing is kept from Him. Even now , if He asks what’s on my mind I don’t hesitate like I used to, I answer Him so He has no doubts of what’s on mind. He’s usually surprised about what’s on my mind, or that I’m a blonde and nothing is on my mind! 

So, I know when He says He loves me , all the things listed were in His decision to express His love to me. I’m sure there’s more , He’s a complex man. He let’s me know how much trust He places in me as His slave, babygirl, and now a new role. All of which He trusts me as He gave them to me. Whether I stand at His side or 3 paces behind. I am compared to no one else. No other woman is in my place(no matter how hot, or what you would do for Him). I’m not for the moment, I’m the forever. I’m the one He’s planning His life with. I’m the one in His bed. I’m the one sending/receiving naughty texts or info He wants me to know. I’m the one who pleases Him. I am the one He shares with. 

I never ask Him, ‘do you love me’. He just says it, and not lightly. But I can feel His words. They are not just words. They are everything to both of us. 

I love you too Daddy♡



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