This word ‘we’, you talk of…

Lately, I noticed Daddy using the word ‘we’. I wondered if He really meant to use this word? He seems to actually mean ‘we’, as if we are working together, I like it!

Now I’m really paying attention.  He’s been using this word ‘we’ as He talks about our future together. I like that!

Here’s  why is this word so foreign to me? I have heard it before. I have just never heard it used in my presence when it meant ‘we’,actual ‘we’. It was always meant like: hey bitch you do this, this, and this. Don’t report back to me since I don’t really care, or give a shit. I just want you to take care of everything, while I can push you out of my life and not give a fuck about anything. I’m not interested in helping you, valuing you. Don’t think we are close, we arent. Don’t think that ‘we’ want to know, or we care. This ‘we’ means you. You do it all, alone, figure it the fuck out by yourself. There will be no discussions, no argument, no nothing. Just get it all done without question.  

Now I’m learning this new terminology from Daddy. I must say, I’m liking it! I am able to trust that Daddy’s ‘we’ actually means ‘we’.  I am listening,  I want to really hear what He has to say. I really like how the future is going. 


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