Don’t let go…

I had so much fun with Daddy tonight, I just never want it to end. The drive home all I could think of was,

“Wtf is my problem? I was so happy, then it was just gone” tears in my eyes.

In an instant it came to me, everytime I see Him. It’s so great , at first, but then I must face the inevitable,  He will be leaving soon. I hate that part.

I have to kiss Him goodbye, give Him one last embrace, look into His eyes, feel His skin touch mine and nuzzle His neck when He pulls me close, one last time before He let’s go.

Anymore right after He let’s go I can feel inside of me just want to shout, ‘No’ . I really don’t want to let Him go. I dont want to spend more lonely nights in a bed without Him , in my life without Him. Does that make me clingy? Like I fucking care. I love this man, so god damn much I just need Him , He’s such a part of me. How that happened,  I don’t know, I’m just so glad it did! 

I love time with Him. Seeing smile, Him making me laugh, Him flirting with me! Ohhh myyy goddd Don’t ever let go Daddy. I’m addicted to you. I absolutely adore you.  I don’t care about holidays so much, as I just love being in your arms, feeling your heartbeat, wondering if you even know how much I love you. It’s a lot♡ immeasurable. 

I love you Daddy♡ things I just don’t know how to say, but want to. I can’t find the words til I process. I try to process quicker anymore. That you made me important, you have so much going on! That means a lot to me. 
Til the next time with you… my sweet Daddy♡


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