Good luck Daddy!

As Daddy knows, and fully aware of, I’m a brat! I also like to find ways to be playful and those can be risky. As I know that Daddy drew His line on concrete, but I draw mine in sand. Not that mine even matters.I can move my line, bend it, make a different shape!
I don’t do things to be disrespectful,  and when I’ve crossed the line, I give myself up. I am at a full confession over anything that went wrong, at that point you would swear I was catholic and Daddy my priest. Well, when I screw up badly that’s about where I’m at. Praying for His mercy, and angelic protection.

” please don’t let my Daddy kill me”, I sound something like that. 

As our lives intertwine more and more, I aware that Daddy knows me like a book!   He’s knows when I’m on my own, if I’m not busy, if im on task. I do try to be bratty cuz I’m bored. Like for instance, a few weeks ago!  I was bored, Daddy was busy. After doing laundry, I see His work shirt, and now I start getting this scathingly brilliant idea. ‘ Let’s mess with Daddy!’ . This thought in my mind seems relatively harmless.  But to those around me, they laugh and let me know I must love getting my ass beat.  I don’t love it, I just want to play!

So, I take Daddys work shirt to my room. I own a professional camera, so I slip on Daddys shirt, and set my timer. I do love to be His naughty girl. I kept the pics light, they could have been dirtier! But that’s not what it was about. I wanted Him to see His work shirt on His slave. He works so hard, out in the heat, the cold, rainy days, windy days,Daddy puts everyone else first. But I’m at the top of the list of putting Him first. I love that! If anyone ever deserved to know how wonderful they are, it’s Daddy!

I send Him a text, letting Him know that something happened to his work shirt. Within 10 mins, I get a text back from Him,

“Wtf, don’t be messing with me”

Oops, well to late for that! I already messed with you Daddy. But I figure once He sees what happened to His shirt! It just happened to appear in some hot pics for Him!  So, once He got His pics , He let me know how He felt about them!  And that He was undecided about beating my ass since I did mess with Him! Oh, believe me, I did mess with Him! When I get these great ideas I don’t think them thru.

“On a scale of 1-10, how mad could be get?” This never goes thru my mind.

Daddy did bring up a good point this morning! When we live together, what will I do then? Hmm, I definitely need a plan for that. I can’t run from Him, He’s faster! I can’t take Him on, He’s stronger! I can’t runaway from home, He’d find me! Sounds like I’m running out of options. I will just have to be good all the time. I say, ‘Let’s stick to achievable goals’ . I cannot be good all the time, most of the time ,Yes! All the time, No. Daddy will have to let me have like one weekend a month where I can try to get away with anything. I can think my way into bratty stuff. Hopefully if He let’s me have fun, lil bit bratty, I get a reprieve from ass beatings. Or life with Daddy will be painful! Hmm, I’m guessing painful. My reasoning: cA use we talked about it and He smiles, then there’s this evil laugh, from the bowels of hell. He’s enjoying whatever thought just went thru His head. 

Maybe, just maybe I can learn mind control before we live together. Like in star wars! “This is not the brat I’m looking for, move along” . Lol, something like that?! I’m guessing mind control only works on the weak minded,  then that’s definitely not Daddy. Maybe a bodyguard? A twin? I could have a lab clone me, grow second quickly, that’s the one He gets to give pain to! Knowing Daddy,  he’ll figure it out, beat us both! I am running out of bratty options. Any ideas????  I still have some time before we are together permanently.  

A bdsm contract! Write it in legaleeze. That way maybe Daddy can’t understand what He’s signing, but is all about not beating my ass! 

I sound desperate here, I am! I don’t get beat so much now, but I just have this feeling…(Daddys evil laugh here).

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