On the same page?

As we keep talking about pending things that we want to change in our lives, I can tell that Daddy wants us to be on the same page, I like that idea as well. I’m a female, obviously, but I can tell that He wants to make sure He’s not surrounded by girl stuff. I get His point. What man wants to be surrounded by lace pillows, and lots of girly stuff. 

One thing Daddy doesn’t understand,  is that I’m a libra. For a libra to feel at peace in their home. It has to be clean, has to be toned down. Mess drives me crazy,  I can’t relax. There are messes everywhere in my new place, it’s to small for me. So it’s hard to relax. Libra’s need their bedrooms to be calming to. Mine is not. So, no matter where I go, I can’t relax. 

My last home was decent. Very little furniture, some nice pieces of decor to go with each room. Keep it light. Granted I never really had the money to really go room to room to do how I really wanted. 

When I was married I did, I kept it all gender nonspecific.  I wanted all the men in the home to feel comfy , as much as us girls. Kitchen, living space,  bedrooms, bathrooms. Now I can say I do like nice things, but nothing extravagant, not to elegant, I’m not a rockefeller. I just like nice things. Not lots of stuff out, clean lines. Neutral colors. 

I did go out of my way to freak Daddy out! I’m only having fun, but I think He knows that. He’s seem my last home. It wasn’t to busy, had some girly things,  but then I’m a girl who didn’t share space with a man. He missed my last 2 places, I had a complete Hello Kitty bathroom since my daughter and I shared the bathroom. It was a girl space! I would never do that where a male will be, He would hate that,  and I am a libra, we are fair and balanced,  see both sides of everything. So in reality, I couldn’t be selfish, pick only what I like and expect Daddy to suck it up. I would much rather discuss it, make sure we agree on stuff!

Things I would never do to decorate, but it is fun to mess with Daddy! 

So my favorite ways to decorate are contemporary,  mediterranian, rustic. Daddy’s  favorite way to decorate His space is ‘man was here’, or ‘modern caveman’. Which pretty much means each time I’ve been to His home Its  been a bit shocking. At one point He had an engine in His dining room. I would have put a table. I know Daddy is not a caveman, I hope He even wants a dining table? More things to figure out. We will get there, no big hurry! We aren’t going anywhere. 

Pictures of what I really like :

Ahhh, clean lines, serene. I could live in these spaces quite well. But I also want Daddy to feel that too. He will have friends, family over they would need to feel welcome in the space. Can Daddy give up ‘modern caveman’ decor for something nice,  but not to elegant. I see a compromise coming! 

Daddy was doing yard work recently and expressed His thoughts of how He would like things to look. Which was weird, since I actually told it to my oldest child, months ago,  that He could handle updating His home. I wouldn’t mind helping Him. It’s what Ive done to homes in the past. Gut kitchens/bathrooms and make them really beautiful.  

Ahh much better. This speaks to me, very tranquil. Might not be exactly like this , but in this neighborhood.  We are both grown ups and like nice things. Nothing wrong with that.I might add that Daddy should redo insulation in the attic , age of his home proves that. Any bug problems, seal the house . Change out all windows to ‘low E’ , such energy savers. Don’t just do blinds, but put up window coverings,  block the sun. With dogs,  maybe take out carpet in family areas and do 18″ tile, much nicer. Do real wood doors on bedrooms with elegant hardware. Closet doors can be the cheap one. Master bedrooms is where you spend the money for nice closet doors, french doors. Plus Daddy has a back room, it could use french doors. Please not a glass sliding door, way to tacky. French doors, like rich people do to separate space. I love kithen islands,  but they do become a catch all for things. Update all doors to the outside with real wood doors. They have some now that are metal but still nice, and fire proof. In the landscaping He already had boulders,  which is a favorite of mine, with ground cover flowering. Some have really rich reds, like succulents.  I love rock, not grass so much. If you do grass in Arizona you have to do it right. Which means spend the money, or keep laying sod, to much work. Outdoor plants are nice, but watch what you plant in Az. No cactus near kiddos. No fruit trees or every bird for miles will live in your yard. I love hibiscus , they do well in the heat here, so do Gerber daisies. I love roses, but you need lots of shade for them. They get burnt easily, but so fragrant and beautiful,  guaranteed to bring hummingbirds, and butterflies!  Fountains are nice, but they become bird baths. I love the new way to do outdoor kitchens, my all time favorite things, add the element of fire and water! How about outdoor kitchen with pergola, bar with island ,plenty of seating.  Oh my, that sounds fantastic! 

well now that I’ve had fun, shared my ideas, I hope Daddy likes things I like. I know we have talked about some of it. Seems every time we talk I walk away with this sense of ‘Home’. Daddy makes me feel at home. Something I haven’t had in a very long time, it’s comfortable, a really nice feeling. I want that feeling to stay. 

Daddy and I have talked about homes. I want a nice sized home. Everyone has a bedroom, kids playroom/game room, maybe a basement ‘man cave’, Daddy knows why, but has to have a pool table! Hopefully a bar! Nice kithen/dining. Huge Master closet, I like my clothes and shoes. Plenty of outdoor space. A kid/guest room, maybe Daddys son could stay  extended periods, if he had his own room he would feel at home. When not in use for him , for anyone who needs to crash. Big garage, tandem? For all cars, bikes.  Well those are my thoughts, but that is far off. One step at a time! 

– babygirl

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