Did I hear that right? Godly side of serving your man?

Women today leave the ‘obey’ part out of marriage vows. I was guilty, I didn’t love my ex and the thought of obeying someone I had no respect for seemed impossible,  it was. With Daddy ‘obey’ is something I’m expected to do or pay the consequences. Plus I respect Him. 

But for a moment I will be writing on a godly side of serving your man(husband/boyfriend). The article I found is about marriage, not living together. But I found it quite interesting that the one group of people in this world who are always putting our lifestyle down the most, Christians. You are so very guilty and supposed to be doing the very same things we do. So I’ll be touching on these points. I might even add in the scriptures that are given, so if anyone decides it’s wrong, you may pull that bible out and read it yourself. Yes, I’m being condescending,  but I find it delicious that all the time you put us down, you are supposed to be doing the same things. Can you say, hypocrit?

As this man of God puts it, feminism was the downfall here. It’s where it started for women to lose their place. To think of men as equals. Uh hello, he’s the head of the home. That’s in your bible. Women now speak out of turn, with no respect. Daughters watch mothers and then learn this. So, young females learn younger to treat men with disregard. You have wives shaming husbands in public and in private. Your daughters are watching. So are your boys. 

In a godly home the head, or father figure should be setting the mold for how men are to be treated in his home. His wife should follow his example completely,  then the children can see how to properly be in those roles. (Remember I didn’t write this article, churches have, all over the USA)

As you can tell I didn’t write the article, but I do indeed like hearing other points of view. I’m not godly, but I respect god. It’s a private thing. I do not live my life as a christian woman,  (marriage)maybe one day. But even without marriage I am following most of those headings that are so important.  The other side of this is that this practice of how women are to behave is as old as time. It was the original thought for a successful relationship,  but the godly world bashes us for following these principles. So where are we wrong? I will give you the marriage part. But other than that and we add in kinky sex, we are all pretty much the same. Not entirely,  we try to never judge Christians as harshly as they judge us. Granted I’ve expressed some strong feelings here, but I’m tired of being looked down upon for our lifestyle doing exactly as you’re supposed to do, and we do it willingly I might add.

Even in this article I’m still not trying to judge you. I am however, pointing out how much alike we truly are. I find it funny. Our lifestyle chooses to use your laws, principles to better our life and we are put down for it. Yet you ignore them and think yourself better. 

I didn’t write the bible, or the article. But I am sharing both. Go work on yourselves before putting others down.  I believe that’s in the scriptures to. ‘Do unto others’.  How about treating everyone with love. We try to, what’s your excuse?

4 thoughts on “Did I hear that right? Godly side of serving your man?

  1. babygirl says:

    Good read!

  2. SnapperTrx says:

    Your post popped in on another post I was reading and I have to say that I understand and fully agree with you – modern American Christians do not like the words of the bible, and they find a myriad of ways to circumvent them without appearing to circumvent them.

    I understand you are not a Christian, but I am, and have been most of my life. I, like others, lived for a long time without giving much reverence to God or His word, but have recently started to dig deep into it (within the past 5-6 years), having become much more serious about being in line with scripture and obedient to God.

    I have tried to train my sons to be true men, to lead and not to be subject to modern women who would put them under their heel, yet to lead with an iron fist wrapped in velvet. The authority of the Christian man should be filtered through the love of Christ, not overbearing, but stern. Likewise I have tried to train my daughter to be womanly and submit herself to her husband appropriately when she finally decides to marry and not to pursue things that, in the end, wont gather around her and love her.

    In both cases I have run up against a culture that says that boys and be girls and girls can be boys, and has done everything to destroy the masculinity of my sons and warp the femininity of my daughter. Even my own wife, whom I love, has been raised as a rebellious woman and has little to no clue the depth of submission the bible calls for – even if she did, I don’t know that she would care. It goes against the training young girls are raised with in our society.

    Anyhow, I have gone on too long. Good post. I enjoyed it. I hope life finds you well.

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