Waiting, and waiting, and more waiting…

So, the other day I went to a store, Daddy knew about it. I was picking up dinner, Daddy knew about it. I did stop at a craft store to get ideas, look and see if they had a clasp for my pearl necklace that I can replace it. They didn’t have what I was looking for, but I was inspired a bit, Daddy didn’t know it. I had tried to get Daddy to agree that I could purchase a slave day collar on a certain site, it shall remain nameless! Now , granted they do have permanent collars, locking collars, permanently locking collars, lol I have never seen so many. But all I wanted was a slave day collar. I have made some but a few fell apart, or I wound up allergic even though I bought stainless steel, My ass it was, liars.
I figured my best bet was to buy it. They are pretty cheap, I mean it’s just a slave day collar, no big deal except to me. They run about $12-$60 depends on how intricate you wanted your day collar to be.

Sadly, Daddy assumed I was wanting to purchase my own permanent collar. That would be crazy, considering I’ve  never been collared. The one thing I’ve been saving for the right man. So, I did get somewhat inspired, I already own glass beads. Now I just need a clasp or something else so I may like to close the ends, plus fix my pearl necklace, with His approval of course.

The only slave day collars I own now require a lock. With working out in Az heat I am worried that the lock could get wet from sweat and not work properly. Or someone I work with ask why I’m locked into a necklace.  That could be a strange conversation considering I work with only men. I’d much rather not have that conversation. Lol. 

So, I’m waiting patiently. Sort of patiently.  Ok, I’m just fucking waiting, happy now?! I’m waiting for Daddy to give me the ok to get a slave day collar that is pretty! I’m thinking it doesn’t bother Him whether I have it or not, cuz He hadn’t answered the question.  I feel naked without the collar. I love being reminded of who owns me! 


4 thoughts on “Waiting, and waiting, and more waiting…

  1. Cari says:

    my slave collar is stainless steel and hasn’t discolored or rusted in over a year. If you ever want the artist’s info, let me know. 💜

    • stacieinaz says:

      Thx , I would love the info please

      • Cari says:

        Hi Stacie, my collar comes from Nyk on etsy. The shop is called TheCagedFlower and her work is beautiful! my collar is a byzantine link with mobius circles interspersed. Her turnaround time is quick and her prices are reasonable. Right now, my collar clasps, but she soon will change it over to a locking one… only charging me for the lock and key, no labor. Let me know if you like her pieces! 💜

      • stacieinaz says:

        Thank you so much

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