I want to play with Daddy 

I remember Daddy saying recently, you’re not really trying to be bratty, but you’re wanting to play, have fun. EXACTLY! CORRECT! YOU GOT IT DUDE! I mean Daddy Sir. 

I want to play! I want to have some fun! But with Him. I would love to have nerf or water guns full and ready,  the moment He walks thru the door, blast Him! Water balloon grenades! 

Paintball fight. This hurts a bit, always wear safety for eyes, face, throat , and boobies if you’re a girl! Boating, cuz racing around a lake is just good clean fun. Swimming, cuz it could be fun and sexy!  Board games, dance games, card games. I like to win! I will win! Feel lucky?

I want to cook together. Daddy did promise to cook for me soon. I like sleepovers with Daddy,  those are most fun. Cuddling up to Him in the middle of the night, yay! 

It’s not difficult to make babygirls happy. We are pretty simple to figure out. We do require somethings though:

  • Attention 
  • Hugs
  • Kisses, lots and lots!
  • Love
  • Tickles, some.
  • Favorite foods
  • Sleep
  • Fun, fun, more fun!

So, whats so hard about this? Babygirls really dont know. Finding the right Daddy for each of us, can be monotonous. Some say they are daddies,but seriously dont get it.

I went thru a few daddies before finding mine. There was lots wrong with them. One spoiled me, kept spoiling me. I lost interest. One was way to strict, i got hit a lot. I didnt feel it was always justified, so to me that meant you dont really have balance to be a good daddy, not to this babygirl. But then i found my Daddy, or He found me? Idk.

Hes perfect. He spoils me alittle. Hes strict but its balanced. He keeps my bratty side at bay. I respect Him for lots of reasons. Some of which are: He will sometimes let me have my way, it will usually surprise me. Funny how that works. He will be strict and put me in check when needed. He will be fair. One thing He always is, in charge. I have tried to find a weak area to get in, like a soldier looking for a weak perimeter. When i think i have it, find my target (Daddy), im usually shocked as He saw me coming a mile away. Life with Daddy is interesting.

Daddy makes me try new things, some i have loved, some not so much. He can make me mad, then try to get me to just let it go. I do, but it wasnt right. I picked that watch first. See, i brought it up again. But i wanted Him to have the watch. Just from me! We are going to Hawaii soon. Friends wedding, its near my bday too! Daddy makes it sound so fun!

I would like to see what Daddy thinks is fun? I have more on my list. Its long!

  • take trips together
    • 4×4

    laser tag

    • car shows

    football games

    • zoo


    • mall

    indoor play place

    • my favorite McDonald’s

    butterfly habitat

    • bowling


    • shoot pool!

    See, i have lots of ideas.

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