Will you still want me…

When I’m old and wrinkled, my hair is all grey. What if as age sets in my looks will fade, how about then.  What if my eyesight is dim, I have no teeth. How about my big boobs sagging?  Stretch marks that look like winding lines. Tattoos that seem like ink smudges. I mean come on, my ‘bad girl’ tattoo won’t always seem hot! Those sagging boobs with the Hello Kitty tattoo, she will look like roadkill one day. Have you given this thought?  Will you still be able to beat my ass then, or will you hit me once then call 911 cuz I’m falling apart. Did you really mean forever? Aging gracefully is not always allowed, you don’t get to pick it. What if I don’t move as well anymore. You have to take more care of me, more than I do you.  Are you sure you thought this through? 

Here’s a pic I found, just to give you a visual of what can happen: 

Can you really say you still find this hot? I know I’m probably worrying about nothing. But this is how I think.  Did you consider the big picture? We might not always be adorable and sexy. Can you live with that? Can you really love me? What if I’m old and still a babygirl,  will you hold me close til the world goes away? 

I will love you with hair/no hair, big belly, can’t hear, can’t see well, wrinkles, greys. I signed up for that. I knew your looks werent forever. I want your heart! A heart is forever. 

Grow old with me, don’t look back. We have our whole lives ahead of us! 



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