East coast meets west coast. Cuz that’s how we do this

Lol. Just having some fun. Obvi gang references seemed like a great title!  But I was actually born on the east coast, and Daddy was born on west coast,  so it fitting for us. 

I’m a jersey girl, born there, then we moved when I was a toddler. You would think I didn’t have much time to learn to be ‘jersey’, except I had a new York parent from the bronx. So if you understand what I just said then you get it! I learned to sort of be ‘Jersey’ from a new yorker,lol. I do say what’s on my mind and let the chips fall where they may. I’m not overly friendly. I like being around ppl, but at my own pace. Always keep my guard up. Not a great tipper, but want great service. Since I hate not getting my way, I will use my femininess  (it’s a word) to get my way. Men can’t help but give me my way. Daddy used to think I must be flirting, I’m a natural flirt like Him, but when trying to get ones way that’s mean to turn it on. I can get my way from keeping it real. Only man in the world who has a built in resistance,  Daddy. I think it’s another reason I’m with Him. I’m never bored, and can’t get my way. I find that interesting as hell. I also find it a personal challenge to try to get my way! How can this one man resist me? Even gay women fall for it. So, I do work my ass off with Daddy to try, He hasn’t cracked yet, not even close.ugh.

  My Daddy doesn’t like that I’m not more like Him, He’s friendly as hell. Loves to be in a group of ppl. Will wind up being a great friend to anyone, girls do take that the wrong way!He’s not into you,  He’s quite charming and a natural flirt. But He’s been wordy with me,  when we are in public . He wants me to be more nice, tip better. But I am doing what comes natural to me, East Coast. How I was raised. But He does whats natural to Him, West Coast. I don’t like being to friendly, I might wind up with false friends, user friends, negative types, women who just want to hit on my man, these types of women are never worth my time. I like genuine people, cuz I’m one. 

There are several differences in where we come from. East Coast seem more like assholes, but we are just guarded, loud, boisterous,  want our way. West Coast, friendly, nice, can be loud, appear to be bad asses (some are, some arent), not all know how to get their way, some are plastic, fake,phoney ( not Daddy, but others I’ve met). 

I do think Daddy and I mesh well together. We do naturally support the other. We both don’t care to argue much, not without good reason (He’s raising His eyebrows right now, over the other day. Ok in NORMAL situations I am pretty peaceful and content). We are both givers, but it’s balanced. We build each other up. Care for each other. There for each other. When you have the right ingredients,  we do, a relationship can last a very long time. 

The other day, I pissed Him off. Just sort of went off the deep end. I felt hurt by a certain situation. But then my hurt, caused His hurt, now we are both hurt. That was productive. Not. He felt betrayed by my anger, I felt betrayed by the situation. It might not be real, but being bombarded by it since it’s not my stuff, but I signed up for going thru it. Not fully knowing that somedays were gonna hurt like hell. I  have to tell myself, ‘yes this is worth it, keep my eyes on the future, it’s not forever’. Sorry, can’t get into detail, private. But when it hits me hard sometimes, my mind wanders and makes it more real than it is. That’s when I snap. I can’t handle the thought, ‘could this be true?’ In that moment I’m angry, I’m hurt, I’m out for blood. That’s when I seek clarity and need Daddy, but I can’t even put words together to make a sentence, say what I’m really feeling. I’m not trying to cause destruction, but it somehow got there. While He and I were talking, I hit on a point that I thought I knew the answer to. I thought it was no. Which was why I don’t let a certain child talk about it, I never explained anything to her either. I just said stop talking about this. But Daddy made His point clear. Down the road,years. I was pleasantly surprised. Only because I’ve always had the same time frame in my head for the last so many years. “Can He read minds?” I sure thought so in that moment. How did we both have the same timeframe? We never even really talked about it. That also really helped me with the current situation. My mind went to, “Ha bitch, you don’t get your way. Fucking cunt” maybe I could tone that down now that I’m not so angry, but I sure felt that in that moment. 

So East Coast is into West Coast. West Coast is into East Coast.  Maybe our backgrounds make us stronger, focused on how we see the world, deal with ppl. Maybe both ways have good and bad about them. Nothing is truly perfect. Find the middle ground, build on that. The slave part of me doesn’t come from the East coast,  it comes from the Libra. Babygirl part, anyone’s guess! Maybe that’s East Coast??


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