Pokémon Go!!

Yes, I’m playing it!. But me and a friend were so caught up in last night, catching them all! We got lots! Fun fun fun!! 

We never walked I to the street. We did stay close to the males with us for safety. We had lots of fun. 

We both talked about how we could see that ppl could get hurt. We found an area that had tons of Pokémon. We just had no idea that there would be so many others as well. Wow. 

I want to play it with Daddy too! Hopefully soon. We did notice that it was sort of a workout! Kaylee and I walked a mile , was sweating our asses off before we wanted to stop! 

Can you imagine the diet pics from this? This is my before Pokémon go pic. Here’s my after!  I guess anything that can get you up off the couch is a good thing

For Pokémon go, great game! I’m having fun. Only on level 3. Tons of Pokémon though! I am up for any great tips a out the game!!!

Have fun, be safe. No reason to act like a dork cause of a game. I did hear the rumor they might be pulling the game cause it’s dangerous. I hope not. But don’t play while driving. Act with common sense. 


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