He might be tough as metal, but He’s also romantic as hell.

Yes, He is! So, friday we had plans! We were all alone, no kids,  just Daddy, me, and our imaginations! 

When I walked in I had no idea what I was in for. He will give hints, you know how the mind fuck works! But I was the one surprised. He bought a single red rose, so frangrant, so beautiful.  The first flower He’s every bought me, I have serious allergies to flowers, and tons of other crap. I loved it! He didn’t stop there, no He didnt! He bought this beautiful jeweled watch. It’s so pretty. I was worried at first, my allergies again, metal touching my skin, but much to my surprise, it had a material on the back of the watch so I can wear it! He had thought of everything . I’m so spoiled, and so very much in love♡

Since that first kiss, I’ve known He is no common man walking upon this earth. He deserves a place of royalty. He has one, in my heart! He will always be my King! 

The night was to include drinks (yum), conversation,  a blow job( He did try to play ps3 while I blew His mind), sex that just gets better all the time. Omg! How He is always able to make it damn HoT! Beyond me, but He does. I’m loving my life so much, it’s my turn to be so happy in my life, and this man is most definitely the reason. 

Lifetime with Him: priceless

* Thank you Daddy, for my gifts, such a beautiful time with you, I love you! And many more to come! 


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