He’s been debating…

I am worrying about this great debate. Which side my ass will fall on. It’s not like I get a choice, I’m like a prisoner with no rights , waiting for sentencing. Maybe I should have hired representation?  Someone to present my case before Daddy,  give my side of things. Then hopefully Daddy will find some points and reconsider how bad this could go. 

As of right now, still waiting for sentencing. Daddy did say I could try negotiating with Him. I’m not even gonna touch that one. Some things I think He just wants to see if I will dig a hole under myself and fall right in. Yeah, that happens. Right now, I’m being quiet, patient,  and hoping I’ll be allowed to live. 


2 thoughts on “He’s been debating…

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    funny x

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