Studying, but there won’t be a test.

Now that’s my kind of studying! I’m actually researching a certain subject. Now that Daddy has joined an ‘MC’ , soon He will be patched in, ( so proud!) And I will be His ‘Ol lady’ at first not wild about the term, but since it’s universally used I’m not targeted as the only one! Thankful! I’m still not used to ( another word I hate that my son gave me when he knocked up his ex-gf). 

So, my research has been good for me. I want to make Him proud. Even when I entered the LS years ago I studied to be the best slave, just how I am. This has been quite interesting,  but there’s not lots of info, wish there was more. I did come across some women who wrote rules for ‘Ol ladies’ and just like our lifestyle,  they seem to be strict, ways to respect Him and His club ( I’m not a member, He is), I think He will be giving me more rules just as His slave in this new role in our lives. Here’s what I found. I don’t remember the site ( sorry, wish I did). 

* this is NOT my writing, but it’s very well written*

These are all well thought out. If adhered to they show a very respectful woman. One that will make Him proud. Now add in that Daddy and I also live the lifestyle, this will make for an interesting life together. Hard part for me will be NOT calling Him ‘Daddy ‘ near club members when I’m allowed to be with Him. I’m sure that my Daddy already has His speech prepared,

“Babygirl now hear  this…” I can hear  it now from Him. A long lecture on the evils of pissing off Daddy, and the biker part of Him. What will happen to me. He’s just itching to try out some new sadist thoughts He has. I swear He doesn’t sleep , He just thinks and recharges. 

I’m hoping that I won’t be in trouble in front of others. But knowing my Daddy,  He never cares who’s around listening, watching He just acts. I’m usually wondering what ppl think , will they call the cops, but then when He’s got me in His grip and I’m in trouble, those thoughts melt away quick,  especially once I’m wet.  Gotta respect a man who can handle His woman right then and there. I doubt He’s gonna change that for anyone, law is no exception.

I can see Him explaining His side to the law. 

“Officer, she’s a god damn brat. You can’t let her get her way for a second. Not even a nano second, I need to be on top of the shit she does, sometimes before she does it. That is NOT abuse, it’s hard work. No, there is no other woman I want but her! She’s the girl I will punish, beat, spank, torture for the rest of our lives. See, I’m not the bad one, she is.” * it would go something like this*  And the smooth talker Daddy is the cop would shake His hand, and just as I’d be thinking I’m gonna be protected from Daddy, the cop shake tell  Daddy is an amazing man for getting at least one brat off the street. 

Ok, I have quite the imagination!  But knowing my Daddy it would happen something  like that. 

Point still being, I want Him to be proud of me. 


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