It just felt so right

Yes it did. Spending some time with Daddy at His place while His roommate was away. Doesn’t happen often, so we did capitalize on that! Since we want to live toether in the near future I viewed this time as a precursor for us. Can we enjoy each other’s company no matter what we are doing? Can we be vanilla? Can we be just like any other couple? Can we go without sex and still feel completely whole together. 

I know I put a lot on one weekend. But I was curious. I know it always feels right when we are together,  but if we change things up, does it still feel right? It did. It was everything I expected it to be, and more. Real life was happening and we went with the flow. We did life, like we always do. It proved to me no matter where we were,  what we are doing, that feeling stays right there. It’s this peaceful feeling that reminds me always, ‘ I’m right where I should be’. There’s no pressure to it. You can’t make it happen. It just does it on its own. 

So, as I left for my place this morning, get back to our normal routine, I was smiling like an idiot all morning! Not because I’m a blonde and confused, although it does happen,lol. But because this is what I want. I really am right where I should be. I’m so happy. I didn’t know anyone could ever be this happy. 

I love you Daddy♡ thanks for this weekend. 



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