Football season is upon us

Oh yeah, it’s my favorite time of year, football season. My Steelers are looking good this year. We just did draft picks, some look amazing,  some I’m waiting to see how the move on the field. I can hardly wait to see how well this year goes for my team! 

My Daddy’s team is the 49ers. I did get nosey and go check their draft pics for this year. I was pleasantly surprised. Their pics for the new season look great.  49ers need a great start.i know I like to mess with Daddy about his team, but thing is this could be a good year for them. They deserve it. We shall see how football season goes this year. I’m expecting a super bowl! 

☆Go Steelers☆ ☆ Go San Francisco ☆

I’m definitely looking forward to football season, anything to help me forget it’s an election year and both suck. It seems like it’s not even a real race this year. I Sony want to vote for either, but I would love an independent on my ballot co.e November. It’s getting to be ‘The lessor of the 2 evils’. That just passes me off. I think are very I qualified for the job. This is my opinion, but you go check the facts yourself. I think maybe we shouldn’t pick either of them, just let our country really rest after the mess from the last three presidents. We deserve that. At least football will take my mind off the bullshit 

One thought on “Football season is upon us

  1. Selina says:

    GO RAVEN’s!!! 🙂

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