One hell of a night

It sure was! Got some time with my Daddy! I sure needed it. He took me to places mentally and emotionally that I didn’t know were possible.  By this morning I was just speechless. I really am in awe of Him. How does He do that, know exactly what I need, how I need it and deliver. Do I do that for Him? I seriously doubt it, which is why I love to serve, it’s my way of saying ‘i love you, I’m glad you are the man in my life’.

The other I realized is that today is my birth dad’s birthday. I don’t call him dad, he’s never earned the title. But we don’t talk either. Haven’t seen him, spoke to him in 9 yrs I guess. I miss him, but not enough to go there. That sense of family that Daddy gives me is undeniable.  I have always wanted that! Feels like I get that for the first time ever, I’m scared of it too. But I’m sure I’ll figure this out, like everything else in my life. Plus now I have my Daddy to help me, I’m not alone anymore, ever again! 

Did I mention last night???? Wow!!!!!!!!!


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