Thou shalt not…

The more stuff I do, attempt to do, or think of doing ,it’s like I’m preparing for demise on a grander scale. 

Such as: thou shalt not travel at high speeds, sloweth down. No tickets, no losing control. You shall be punished most severely. 

Thou shalt not piss off Daddy by messing with Him, or thou will be beat til you bleedith and I leave you there tied up. 

Thou shall not lie, when I, Daddy,  ask you a question the truth shall be what I hear. You shall be punished most severely. 

Thou shalt not eat things I don’t approve of. You shall be punished most severely. 

Thou shall not present thyself in a sexy manner when out of my presence. You shall be punished most severely. 

Thou shall not go without a collar in public. You shall be punished most severely. 

Thou shalt raise thy tongue to me, ask in a respectful manner to speak first,foremost. You will not be denied. If rule is forgotten you will be punished most severely.  

If you continue being bratty, you shall reap your reward of being punished most severely. 

If you think up scathingly brilliant plans to bring world harm, you shall be punished most severely. 

Talk to me in a disrespectful tone, you  feel my wrath.

I finally noticed a theme in all of it. I’m blonde, it takes me a while to catch on. I think He wants to beat my ass.  I could be wrong but I doubt it. Then when we are together He will say, “Just screw up or piss me off babygirl, I’ve got some new ideas I’d like to try, so…”

So, this leads me to wonder how safe I am at any given time. I swear He has lazers in His eyes, I can feel my ass  heat up from just Him looking at it. He hasn’t even touched it yet.

There was a new commandment as of recent. “Thou shall not say these words: No or ouch, if thou doest, punishment shall be even more swift and severe. 

Now granted these are common words, I took for granted how often these words are said in everyday language. He has even tried to catch me off guard. If the list grows, I swear I will be forced to become mute. No longer speaking. Speaking. Yeah speaking… So, what I heard was I CAN think the words, I CAN sign the words, I CAN say them under my breath, just not at a level that He will audibly hear them. I do occasionally forget. And the punishment is swift and severe. All those around stop and stare, like how you treat a bad accident.  You don’t want to leave your personal info or tell a cop what you saw but you know what  you just witnessed was bad, then they’re gone. 

I must say afterward,He is Master most kind, on a large scale. Reminding me how loved I am, how treasured I am , how adored I am. I’m given all the kisses and caresses I can handle. He does take very good care of what’s His. His ownership over His slave is taken most seriously. He explains why He did what He did. He will ask if I understand, nothing is kept from me in that moment. I can feel His words through my body, not like a rumble, but like a cool mist. My eyes half closed. He has full control and I have been reminded not to step out of bounds, it will be repeated, even in public if need be. My bratty mind wants to sort of push in public, did He mean it? This whole other side of me says, “Are you stupid of course He meant it, don’t you dare say a word”. But I even have thoughts like , ” if He’s at work and I let one of those 2 words slip through my lips, will He beat me? If He has to leave and I say one of those words, will He stop and beat me? If there was an emergency, or had to respond to His club would He stop and beat my ass? Although I notice my thoughts never get to the other side.this soft whisper ,like a breeze, comes to me and echoes in ear…” He has a key.” Oh yeah, Of course He’ll be back, even if it’s late He would no doubt pull me out of my nice, comfy bed that I’m all snuggled in dreaming sweet dreams, and possibly beat my ass worse then before, only because He knows I planned it at the worst moment for Him. My mind is most fowl. Granted, I have not done that, but there is a scared part of me that will not let that go to far. I fear one day my whole body will contort so my head can actually SEE my ass, and it will be apologizing. Something like, ” I’m so sorry ass, that brat has a way of pissing us all off, none of us want trouble from that Daddy.  He’s actually quite sexy, nice guy, but that fucking brat speaks first with no thought of you ass and how you pay dearly for her antics, or evil ways. We just don’t know how to save you, but stay strong,tough, know that we are all rooting for you to pull through each beating the best you can. Yes, we all know you are attached. That Fucking brat.”  In my mind it goes something like that. What would He think if there was no more brat, no more playfulness, nothing but an agreeable slave always ready to serve. Would that be boring to Him? Or does He dream of a day when He spanks me so hard that the brat just leaves my body like it had an exorcism. 

Does He pray at night, “Lord, you know I’m a great Master, she’s still breathing. Her ass is still attached. Her tongue has not been cut from her head. But I did fuck that girl til it hurt her, til I was hungry, til I feel I’ve accomplished the art of fucking, I mean making love to her roughly, very roughly and she survived. That girl lived, Grrrrrrr.”  I fear this might be far more accurate. 

In my heart,  I only want to serve as His treasured slave, my words be soft and kind. My hearts desire is to serve so He feels love, care, and respect. A slave to be an example to all. Dominants everywhere are in awe of how  He’s treated,  they wonder if they can get that from their own slaves. He’s so proud of me. 

My friends look at me, sort of giggle and say, “Do you like being beat by your Daddy?” 

“Well of course not” my response.  I don’t plan these things,  but they just sort of happen. 


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