Time off for good behaviour.

I think this title is seriously stretching it. I honestly think Daddy gave me time off cuz He’s busy, I’m a brat and every once in a while He unleashes me on an unsuspecting world and hopes for the best. Right Daddy? 

I try to be good, I really do, but ppl piss me off. If I exhaust those around me, cuz only Daddy can handle me,then how must Daddy feel? He deserves an award!  

Yes, it’s a fact. Daddy is the only man in the world who can handle me. He does a great job. I don’t know how He does it, but if I wasn’t the one I’m talking about I’d probably congratulate Him. Instead I will just keep writing and be thankful that He keeps me in His life! Cuz I’m very thankful 
I really don’t want to give Him more stuff to write down. I can only hope that He’s so tired, or busy that He misses this writing?! The stuff He writes down are the infractions that He feels must be dealt with. Plus I’m a blonde so some things just get passed me without me even trying, fact.

Like tonight for instance, Daddy let’s me off His leash, sort of. He’s always in control, He knows He can’t totally. I’m not good with freedom. But I spent hours with my bff and my son. Not even realizing I had forgotten my ID somewhere, but Where? We get through the Movie “suicide squad”. While my son and bff decide to point out the many ways that I’m like Harley Quinn,  or is she like me? I’m offended. But then realize they may have a point. We will get back to my ID soon…

So let’s recap my week, and  tonight. During the week, I got a very expensive ticket, i ran a red light, as I sped thru it, while being in a school zone, and I was on my phone. Ugh. I really didn’t want to show Daddy the mail. As I sat there intently waiting for Him to lower the paper so I could smile and try to talk my way out of it. The state may have given me a ticket,  but Daddy scares me more. 

He looked at me, I sunk in my seat, tried to tell Him they have the wrong person. I have a twin, she did it. I was coerced into doing it. I was kidnapped. The person on the phone dared me? Is any of this working? Nope. He took out His phone, and made a note. That’s the worst thing ever. 

Sort of like a detective asking questions and writing down all the evidence they see, while they take your statement. Lost control of my car during rainy conditions, not once, but twice. Yes I  slowed down. Daddy was happier, not so irritated. Today, I yelled at a manager ,but he had it coming. AZ doesn’t get many downpours but this morning we got one, could hardly see the lines on the road. I was soaked already from a different stop. I arrive at my next stop give the manager his Auto parts and ask for help with a very heavy part. The manager tells me off cuz it’s raining. So I do it back since I’m on a time frame to deliver. Which means I have to head back out into the rain grab this heavy part and bring it to him, try to be nice. I do it, I’m soaking wet and he could care less. I yell at him and his crew for being such weenies, it’s just water you will dry. My boss wasn’t upset with me, He thought it was bullshit too!  Tonight we go see a movie only to be bothered by someone getting up to many times,sit  your ass down.  This is like the tenth time you’ve gotten up, you’re pissing me off now. So, the last time the guy walks thru I kick him hard.  Was that mean?  Maybe, but he never got up again. If your bladder is that weak, or you’re that busy, sit on the end or somewhere else. So, ok maybe I see a few things like Harley Quinn. Plus  I couldn’t find my ID,  looked everywhere, called home, which I drove without ID all night, at least I thought so. It finally hit me, I left it in my car.lol. Then out to the parking lot,  i was pulling out of a spot.  This person pulls out of their spot and Im expected  to move out of their way.  I do cuss and threaten that if I get out of my car I will kick their ass, bff and son start to laugh and say,”yeah you’re nothing like Harley Quinn “. I try to be good, honest. It’s just not easy to do at all. 

So, will I survive whatever Daddy has in store for me? Wonderings in my head.

Let’s hope for the best.


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