One day…

Daddy went on a trip , had to take care of some very important business. Now I’m waiting for His return. It’s only been a few days since I’ve seen Him, but I miss Him so much. When I know He’s returning I get butterflies in my tummy, I’m just so excited.  Plus I want to see Him, but then know when He’s been away I may have to wait cuz He’s tired, even though He misses me too. I keep reminding myself,’one day…’ 

Yes, one day,  we will live together and He will come home to me. My favorite thought. I know He will still be away on business but when together, once He returns I get to hear how it went, be waiting for Him in position, glass of wine, and a cute outfit ( Not that we need sex) who the hell am I kidding… fuck yeah, let Him catch His breath, let Him know how honored I am to be His ,wait in position for Him, glass of wine, conversation, maybe play His game, hug the kids who missed Him, massage! And of course some hot, dirty sex til we can’t take it anymore, collapse on the bed, He finds something on tv ( car show?) And we drift off together, my Daddy by my side all night long♡ wake the next morning ready to go and take on another week. Cuz that’s how we do this. 

I get excited just thinking about It! One day… 

I did purposefully leave out food, cuz I don’t want to cook. Can’t I just pick something up Daddy ?! (Arbys, $5 pizzas, burgers, Mexican food, Italian food, Jewish food? Lol,  Indian food, Daddy’s Happy Food!) See I have lots of ideas!

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