Dirty dreams

I woke up so horny. He would only let me touch but I couldn’t cum.  I figured it was best to not touch at all, cuz I needed to cum. 

It begins like this… several ppl getting ready for a party.  Daddy is talking it up with some guys. I arrive with 2 females and lots of food. We start bringing stuff in to this home where people are, but the party doesn’t start til later. My eyes meet with Daddy’s,  and we make our way to each other, it was the first time we had seen each other that day and I needed His attention in this moment. He is standing before me, reaches in to kiss me like He does, He is running His hands over my body and when He gets to my ass He is running His hands over my ass and just stops.

“Babygirl, are you wearing panties?” He growls to me in a deep voice. 

I can’t look Him in the eye, cuz I know what He expects, ‘no panties’. Without looking at Him i nod my head ‘yes’. He puts His hand up to my chin and makes my face look up at Him. I know not to move til I’m released. 

‘Im sorry Sir, I forgot I will go take them off now’. He has look of deep anger on His face. His eyes burning into me. I move my eyes away from His. I wait for His instruction. 

“turn around.” He says as He’s pulling me to Him. Everyone is looking our direction. I am facing away from Him now.  He yanks my jeans down in front of a room full of people,I just close my eyes. I know He doesn’t care who’s watching when He corrects me. I feel cold steel on my skin, near my hip. He cuts thru the side of my panties, then does it to the other side, pulls them thru the back. He has them in His hands now.

“Pull your jeans up now”. I can sense how angry He is. He turns me around to look at Him as I’m pulling my jeans up, and says,

” We will continue this at home”. 

All I say is, “Yes Sir”

The party is on, it’s going great all night long. In my dream I’m hoping it never ends. I don’t want to face Daddy, but I know it’s inevitable. He keeps an eye on me all night long. I make sure I get whatever He needs, but I’m dreading later. He still has that look on His face. 

He lets me know that He’s saying bye to His friends, I should go clean up quickly, we will be leaving in 20 minutes. I do as I’m told. I help clean up. As I’m still busy helping the other girls,  He walks up behind me and says, “let’s go now”. I look at my friends, give a half smile and I’m at His side heading to my car, He lets me know He expects me to go straight Home and wait for Him since He will be right behind me. “Yes Sir” , He closes my door and walks to His bike. I pull out of the spot, head home. As I’m driving home, I am wondering where this will lead . How bad can this get. Considering Daddy is a complete sadist I know I’m in big trouble. I can see Him in my rearview mirror behind me a ways.  

I pull into our home, Within minutes He’s right behind me. He is walking fast up to me, I don’t know what to do, He grabs me by the hair and pulls me thru the door, the dogs can feel His anger and they just move out of the way.  He’s guiding down the hall, by my hair to our bedroom. He finally let’s go of my hair but with a push, I land in our bed. He’s standing there, ” strip “. I go to speak, “say nothing, not one word unless I tell you to answer” 

I get up off the bed, start taking off my clothes,  He’s just watching. I’m not sure what His thoughts are, but this can’t be good. I see Him unbuckle His belt, tears start to well up in my eyes. I hear the leather as it’s pulling out from each belt loop.  It’s my least favorite sound. He motions for me . I go to Him. He grabs my arm pushes me to our bed, bends me over. I’m waiting to feel His wrath on my ass. Tears are already in my eyes, I had no idea He’d be so upset. I wasn’t trying to anger Him. 
He comes up behind me, tells me to sit on the bed. I do. He lets me know He’s angry, but with never hit me out of anger. I’m listening intently. He lets me know that now we are together,  I have not much room for error.  I know my rules.  I’d better adhere to them. He lets me know the fear I felt all night was real, next time. He has other plans for me tonight. He strips down and I see he’s ready to go. He pushes me to the ground carefully, I know what to do. I give Him what He wants. 
As soon as I feel Him stop, I wait for His direction. He puts His hands out to me, helps me up. He pulls me close says, “let’s have some fun”. He wants me on the bed, I obey. He is on me in mins. Inside me, making me moan. I am not sure how to feel this moment. He’s got my body going crazy for Him, like only He can do. I can tell my body needs release, I ask, “Daddy can I cum plz?”  Daddy is smiling now, He has a plan to make me pay for not following the rules. I’m thinking I know where this is going. He starts to speak, “Babygirl, you may NOT cum, not til I say. You didn’t follow the rules, there has to be consequences. Now that we are together full time, I don’t see you getting away with anything, do you? It goes my way Babygirl, only my way,  it’s not negotiable. Do you understand?” I shake my head ‘Yes’, tears flow, this is a way worse punishment then spanking. I know what’s coming.

“Now open those legs for Daddy ” I know I don’t get a choice, I open them up wide for Him. I can’t fight him, I signed up for this, but I won’t forget my rules again after this night.
Now you see how I woke up horny,  but all alone in my bed. No Daddy next to me.



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