I’m a sucker for pain

As Daddy surprised me today, I proved again I’m following His rules. I had no idea He came through the door when I was on the phone, I was shocked. Daddy saw I had a healthy snack and a water. I’ve been a good girl!

Daddy spent some time with me on His lunchbreak. It was a great surprise. I love our connection, it’s stronger each day it seems. But I notice the stronger it gets , the more He is taking charge like never before. I am to fall in line, and I happily do. He let me go slow at my pace for as long as I needed, but now it seems we are up to speed. Things are going faster, but I like it. 

Daddy had me take Him back to work, then pick Him up later. We got some time together, it feels so good to be in His arms, sit near Him, feel Him near me. 

He feels how I do, we want more of each other, again. We clear out kids from the bedroom to have a quickie. He leads the way,  I follow. I love my life with Him. He makes His way between my legs, and goes in deep. I feel every inch of Him. He sends shivers up my spine, I know what’s coming! He turns me over and pushes me on the bed, Within moments His strong arms pull me to the edge of the bed where He enters my body and goes deep, it just takes my breath away. He pounds deep into me, I feel it building. I need to cum. I ask Him if I may cum, He lets me over and over again. 

Once He decides to move His strong hand to my clit ,it’s all over. I’m working hard to keep breathing and not cum so hard it hurts my body, it’s building quickly, I need release.  I ask Daddy if I can come, He allows it. Oh thank God  He does , I need to let it go. My body is cumming so hard I’m bucking at Him. My moans are getting louder. 

He stays on my clit , He can tell my moans are echoing thru the room now. My orgasms are coming faster,  harder.  I’m liking it so much I remove my jeans, so i can open my legs wide for Him, I can’t help it they just want to be open, give Him access. Let Him touch this body that belongs to Him. I’ll take whatever He’s giving me. I feel His closeness. I feel Him deep inside.

It’s torture to know He’s gonna leave soon. To know that our time has to end. As He pulls out, I’m spent. He can tell I came hard multiple times. It was painful, my body is weak and shaky. He smiles at me, that makes me feel so loved. I like the idea of being able to do this for the rest of our lives. 


4 thoughts on “I’m a sucker for pain

  1. Davefan says:

    Umm… Wow. What a way for me to start an otherwise mundane Tuesday morning at this office. Whew.

  2. georgiablancahrd says:

    I have so many of the same feelling for my Daddy as you do for yours. I cant imagine life with out Him. 2/12 years now. I am so happy for you!

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