The other night…

He and I hadn’t seen each other for a few days, damn I missed Him something fierce. I kept myself busy, but He was never far from my thoughts. I even had this brilliant idea to dress up , be cute as help for Him, take a few naughty pics! I guess He liked them lol. 

 He texted and let me know He misses me to. That is a good man! The rare kind. He lets me know He’s headed my way, He needs His woman and that’s me! I know what He wants, same thing I Do! I clear the kids out, mood killers. Love them but they got to go. As I’m getting ready for Daddy I can tell already I’m so wet. I put the outfit on , stockings, heels, put my hair in pigtails! His favorite. I’m ready for Him. 

I hear Him pull up, I’m in slave position, with a cold glass of wine, cuz my Daddy will need it after a long hot weekend. Once He comes thru the door He always does the same thing, takes this deep breath and growls a bit as He lets it out, makes me wetter. He’s don’t it from the first day we’ve met. I love It! He walks over to me, I’m thinking He’s proud of His slave and I must be a sight for sore eyes, as He’s got His hands all over me. He doesn’t take long to pop out one of my favorite parts of Him, His cock.  I know how this goes, I run my tongue up and down His shady, and His head goes back and there’s another throaty growl. Yum

I kiss the tip. Just give Him a deep kiss on the tip, every cock needs that. I put in down my throat as far as it will go, which is far, Daddy is huge. I do gag a bit, but who cares, my Daddy is here!!

He puts His hands out for me to grab hold of, He wants to see this love my outfit I picked out for Him. He’s pleased, and bends me over the bed. “Spread your legs babygirl” he says to me. I do as I’m told, damn I’m so wet now. I know what’s coming. He runs His cock around my cut and all I want to do is beg Him to put it in, but I don’t dare,  our lifestyle is not about me , i serve. He finally draws back one last time and as He pushes He’s in me. Oh fuck I missed that! Oh Yes! Thank you Daddy!  It doesn’t take Him long to order me to turn around and face Him. 

His huge hand is on my chest as He pushes down on the bed. He takes what’s His, all of me. He’s back inside me within moments. Fuck that feels good. We do fit together so perfectly.  I need to cut in minutes. He pauses before He answers, ‘yes’ falls from His lips and I start to buck at Him, my body looks like its needs an exorcism,  but Daddy knows that happens every time! 

He lowers the top part of my outfit. My breasts are exposed to Him, I know what He’s about to do, I try to open my eyes to look at Him, ‘keep those eyes closed’ what I hear from Him, Then He’s got my nipple in His mouth, and I feel this sensation go from my nipple straight to the middle of my legs, like there’s a connection. I buck harder, my moans fill the room. I think even the neighbors can hear me. I could care less, I need to cum, I ask and He’s letting me know I can. I’m a breath I say, ‘thank you Daddy ‘ as I’m cumming hard, so hard. My pussy seems to be on vibrate when He does that, how does He do that? He always leaves me wanting more.

Once He puts just one finger on my clit, I’m done. Between my cut and nipples I’m over the edge. I have cut so hard my body is like jello. He’s makes sure I’m ok. And since I was a good girl He let me know that’s why I got sex. I’m such a brat so He keeps me on a short,right leash. I only get what He chooses to give me. I’ll behave if I want the whole enchilada, lol. You get It! I think He does that so I will crave to behave cuz I love sex. It’s way more powerful then pain, no other figured that out before, and I sure as fuck wasn’t gonna say it. 

I love how smart Daddy is, so much smarter then me. Someone who can read me like a book, stay 2 steps ahead!!
Oh yeah, this really happened!

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