Let’s talk about the word ‘Daddy’ and it’s true meaning. 

What am I talking About? Well over the last few years bdsm has been growing in leaps and bounds. Some of the changes are good, some bad. If you are in the lifestyle for real then you are tired of the fakes, and wannabes. But let’s move on to cover the newest phenomenon, the role of a Daddy. Is this real or fake, is it a real name you say to Him or just a fun and dirty nickname. 

Let’s take a look at the vanilla side. It’s a cute nickname when you want your mans attention, to give him the go ahead to make a move. But it’s not a name you use out of the bedroom, in front of anyone. It’s all in fun. There’s nothing wrong with that!
But let’s take a deep look into a bdsm dynamic of a Daddy, see why this one is more real, it’s not a cute nickname, its actually a title of great respect. It’s about your male counterpart taking on the responsibility of being a very nurturing caregiver and disciplinarian to his female counterpart. He guides, gives rules/structure to her life. He’s in authority over her, much like bdsm Masters/doms, but with a twist! 

In this dynamic the Daddy will have a partner that is referred to as a little. While even the title of ‘little’ has had to grow and expand to cover the many facets of these childlike women. Some are baby-like, some toddlers, some young kid, pre teens, and teens. These women know themselves well enough to identify where the child in them identifies on this scale. I am more of a teenager. 

This is the point I need to stress that this is NOT role play for us. We actually so safe within our relationship with Daddy that we want to relinquish control to a real dominant, Daddy, and be able to be ourselves, our true personality. For us little, or middles this is not fake. It’s actually very freeing, we are always childlike, and will continue to be no matter how old we actually are. Being forced to be an adult in this world, now that feels forced and fake. 

We are smart, intelligent, strong, capable women. We can run a household, hold jobs, some of us are professionals in our field of choice. We are wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters. You can’t pick us out of a crowd, well most of the time! If Daddy and I are in public and I see hello kitty stuff I’m gonna be childlike! I talk like a teen. Act like a teen. Dress for Daddy like a teen. But I can turn it off to my life, take care of the kids, be there for Daddy. 

In this psychosexual dynamic, it’s most wonderful and healthy. There is trust, devotion, care, love , unconditional support from both partners. How will she learn to be her true babygirl self without you showing her it’s ok. But she returns that favor to show you it’s safe to be Daddy,  take care of her in all ways. 

How important is a Daddy?  Very.  He handles rewards, punishments, rules, structure, dress codes, curfews, bed times, how she eats, where she goes, who she’s allowed to be with, her training, timeouts, lectures, spankings, and more…

This dynamic is so new to bdsm that you can really personalise it how you need it to be. Masters/Doms Have been written about so much that we know what to expect from both dominat roles. But the Daddy role is just as dominant. Daddy can be as lenient or strict as He wants to be. It’s really up to the Daddy. He can best read you and what you really need/want. 

This is NOT role playing. The part that is , is the cute outfits, pigtails, socks, toys, diapers, binkies, blankies, stuffies, coloring books. This is part of your little but some of these can be just for fun, at times! While for others it’s all the time and always needing these things. See, completely up to You! That’s freeing! Finding the Daddy that meshes well with you and wants this responsibility,  priceless!

This is absolutely a real relationship. You can marry each other and still be in this dynamic. Date each other and do this dynamic. It’s emotionally and spiritually as close as you can get to another person. Enjoy. But do take it seriously, we do! 

Way more to it than just a cute nickname


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the word ‘Daddy’ and it’s true meaning. 

  1. Selina says:

    I agree whole heartedly!!!

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