Daddy’s lil Monster♡

Yes I can be! But I love my Daddy, I respect Him, our relationship.  So, if I’m gonna be a lil monster I usually have an agenda, or a damn good reason,like.. ‘ i just want my way!’

I know I can’t pull my shit with Daddy. But the rest of the world… well He hasn’t made any rules about that, so I guess the world really is my playground.

Yesterday i just didnt feel like paying full price for much. I got a FREE oil change from flirting. Then got a discount on my movie ticket. No one would ever believe it, but i have my receipt and movie stub, and oh yeah, witnesses . Between my son and my bff they were amazed how dumb some men can be. I  didnt touch them, i didnt promise sex, no dirty pics, just the lip that says ‘im sad and i want my way’, a smile and a hair toss. 

My son said you do the same thing each time,  these men they only see you like 5 minutes, but you get your way, and you’re gone. 

He spoke of the only man who will not give me my way, just flat out refuses, Daddy. My son quickly caught on, these men dont interest me, i just want my way, and i get my way.  But the only man i want…Daddy. Daddy has this hold on me like a spell. 

Daddy is the only man i respect, cause He can read me, He knows men can be stupid fall for it, Daddy knows I’ve had a lifetime of knowing how to get my way. But thats not really what i want.I really want a man who can stand up to me, be in charge,  take the lead, yet treat me like His queen. Daddy, the only man who has told me no and meant it. I am like a kid, i know i shouldn’t always have my way, but if you are a weak man that is not my fault,  nor does it interest me. I know if i can get my way and you dont know me, i have the upper hand, go away. 

I may flirt to get my way, but i never do anything that would push Daddy away, or make Him question my love for Him. Plus i tell Him when I’ve used my powers of flirting. Because i want Him to trust me . If He said i had to stop, never do that again, i would. He’s made no such rule, only never touch anyone/no one touches me, and never cheat. I didnt do any of those things. Like i said i told Him promptly.

I like getting my way. Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to get Daddy to let me have my way except once in a blue moon, but i doubt it.  He’s been the same from day one.

Hmm, exciting, don’t ya think!

can i have my way????
– babygirl

2 thoughts on “Daddy’s lil Monster♡

  1. Good luck with that! My Daddy is kinda strict with the few rules he does have for me, and refuses to budge on them! I’ve tried, but the answer is a resounding ‘NO’ and often a reddened bottom and a sniffling nose in the corner! Maybe you’ll have better luck with yours than I do with mine! :-*

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