Desire becomes surrender,  surrender becomes power 

I shall explain, but in my terms. Desire is one the strongest things  you can hold onto. Sometimes it can even be years before we realize we have unmet needs and desires. They are not all sexual. To get to the desire, you must know what it is you want, so you can act on it.

To act on desire brings you to surrender. If you always felt you were an artist (desire), go paint/draw, whatever moves you (surrender) you had to take that first step from the desire that has been on your mind, in your heart, and give yourself over to it, win or fail, you surrendered,  you might be full of fear but surrender will push you to try your best. From surrender comes power. 

You always felt like an artist, desire. Now you will act on it, surrender. You load paint on your brush, put your brush to the canvas,  the first stroke might not be genius, but it is powerful. You feel it in every fiber of your being. Like electricity,  you question why you never did this before, feeling sort of foolish for being afraid and hiding those desires.  From that desire and surrender,  you found power. Im not saying you will create a Mona Lisa, but what if you did?

That power is the driving force behind the thing you want the most, your desires. But why surrender to it? You must, or you stop the process. I’m not saying wave a white flag, no, this surrender is more about no more walls up, no more fear, you are willing to try, even if you fail. You get back up, and you try it again. You surrendered which meant you gave yourself over to it. When you are at this particular moment in yourself, you realize it could be the worst idea you’ve ever had, but you wont know til that power drives you. Even if it all goes wrong, you still tried. You still surrendered. You reached power within yourself. 

This can include love.  Let’s face it, most of  us have been hurt. We have this one shred of hope. Hope that we find who we are meant to be with…

But stop looking at yourself as if there is a time limit. Like you’ve got this one shot. You’ve got plenty of shots to get it right. One day that power driving you,  you’ve surrendered to, will paint a masterpiece on your heart. It will be the most beautiful thing ever. You will hang it on your heart. People will stop and stare, just catch a glimpse of what that desire was that you had. They may even be upset, a bit jealous since they might have a similar desire. Give them hope. Tell of your journey from desire,  to surrender, to power. 

Of course it sounds easy, I’m  painting my masterpiece with Daddy right now. But it was not easy, it was however worth it. There were a few times Daddy and i thought about wiping our canvas clean, but we both reached a point that we felt we wanted to keep painting, that power pushed us to continue. It wasnt meant to be over, I’m  so thankful. Look at us now!

I was talking to someone i work with recently. He’s been married twice. The second one has lasted for over 30 years. Wow, i loved their story, i could see as he spoke they hung a beautiful masterpiece many years ago, and its still up for others to admire.  I was so afraid that if i sucked at marriage the first time, i couldn’t make any man happy, not even Daddy.  But my friend said these words, 

“When its the right man, it just works out, dont let fear stop you. Or you’ll  always regret it”. 

I heard his words, they were lovely to think on such things. I thought about my desire. I actually want to be a wife again, I’m just scared to do it all wrong, what if I’m not perfect? What if i can’t be what Daddy expects me to be? But as Daddy speaks, Hes wanting me to hear Him. Hes leading us to this. So i have surrendered to it, and i have the power to say, Yes. It will be all i need at the right moment. 

I followed my desire. I’ve surrendered to love, and the power is coming through step by step. No more fear. No more doubt. No more running from my desire. I want my masterpiece with Daddy. 


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