The Deeper The Love 

Friday night was a date night with Daddy and another couple. We had a great time. But let’s start at the beginning. 

Daddy got to my home, I was ready and waiting! I followed His directions down to the last letter. I hoped i met with His approval, His face seemed to say it all, yes. I was so excited to be going to have some fun with Him. Plus show Him that I’ve been reading a lot about how to please my Biker Daddy. I have taken this very seriously as i want to earn His respect so He knows He can trust me in any situation. I want Him proud of me! I won’t fail. Daddy let me know last night that I  was His ‘good girl’! 

Before our night really starts, Daddy and I had some dinner.  As we were driving to meet up with the other couple, Daddy put on music from His phone. I smiled when it played, as i realized we both listen to the exact same song and think about each other. How did we do that?, with all the music out in the world we both pick the same song! I was mezmerized. As we drove to their home we were singing to the music and holding hands. Ahhh, life is Good! We met up with the couple, introduce everyone, head to our destination. I like that Daddy is letting me in deeper, into His life. This step  of letting me meet club members is a big deal for Him, I could tell. So being on my best behavior, remembering all the stuff I’ve read about ,was my priority. I want Daddy to stay in my life for a long time, so Him knowing how important this is to me makes sense. 

When we arrived at our destination I kept quiet, didn’t interrupt Daddy, stayed by His side. I did try to keep a light conversation with the other female. But I kept my eyes and attention on Daddy. I know the biker lifestyle is considered more on the vanilla side, but i find many aspects of bikers lifestyle remind me of , well bdsm, so I felt very comfortable.

As Daddy was in line to pick up our tickets, we see this group of people, lots great energy going on. Daddy says, “That will be you soon.”  Now I’m looking at this group with complete curiosity. I see a girl in a short black dress with her arm around a man she’s obviously with, i see a group of men and women just laughing and talking, to the right i see a female wearing a sash that reads, ‘Bride to be’. I didnt ask Daddy for clarification, so i spent time being just puzzled about what He was talking about. I guess I should have asked for Him to clarify as im still puzzled. Did He see something i missed? Were one of these people ,who caught my eye, what He was talking about. Damn i wish i could read

Our night was very fun, but as a few situations happened i wasnt sure what to do, i needed Daddys attention. I noticed the few times I needed to get Daddy’s attn was when the waitress stopped to take our order, and i got hungry. I knew better than to interrupt, so I sort of elbowed Daddy, it did get His attn so I could point to her. It was the only thing that came to mind so Daddy wouldn’t be mad. He seemed to understand that I wasn’t trying to get my way, only help everyone order. This being our first time out in this situation,  Daddy did make sure i was doing fine all thru the night. Thank you Daddy.

The night was great. Daddy seemed pleased. That was my goal. I behaved as instructed. As we made our way out of the venue and back to the vehicle my thoughts were could I do this forever… Yes!

 On the drive home Daddy talked and I listened. He was very open about trying this in the past with other females only to wind up pissed off. He was very pleased with me. I had done exactly what I set to do, have Him be proud of me! Be happy that I’m His. I am His slave so all night my thoughts were gathered around that,  it is always right as i put my Master first, and I’m sure He could tell. I may have dressed sexy, but there was only 1 man I wanted , Daddy.  I may have been stared at by other men, but they can look at what is ONLY Daddy’s. There is no one in this world who can take my eyes off Daddy.  

All night long Daddy led, i followed. As we got back home, Daddy and I seemed very much in sync. It was like we shifted again, but for me , no more fear of it. We got into bed, Daddy found a movie , we were tired but not exhausted.  We started talking a bit, then Daddy made a move, and it was on. Oh Yeah! I got pounded by my Daddy. It was good, so damn good. I fell asleep right after, i just couldn’t keep my eyes open. I felt safe, completely happy. He gives me everything i need. We woke up several hours later, and had sex again! I did wonder if this will be what it’s like when we live together… 

Daddy and i talked for hours, i listened, He listened. I’ve been stressed. He held me while i let a few tears go. I love this man in my life, making it a much better place to live, thrive. I did hear Him about some tough things for me, my kids. Not that I’m doing a bad job, but i am not pushing the kids so they’ve gotten to relaxed. He is right, i realize i can’t do everything. I need some help. I hope Daddy is ready for all of us in His life, it won’t be easy but hopefully worth it to Him, cuz He’s all i got. 

The whole night, into the next morning was fantastic. If this is how life with Daddy is gonna be, yay! I know i think about it a lot anymore. I’m even dreaming about it more and more, that doesn’t usually happen to me. Weird. 

As Daddy went to go do His day, and i do mine my thoughts were never far from Him. But i do like waking up next to Him, one day…

To be honest, i played the song Daddy and i had been listening to. Its link is on here. But yesterday everytime i heard it tears fell. I have never been much of a crier, ever. But He does something to me, reaches a place in me no other man came close to, My heart. I have one! I was known as the ice queen, now i get it, this is the right man for me. I’m hoping i can still listen to this song and not cry everytime! 



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