A moment of grace

3 moments most grateful for

My life has never been easy, but never feel sorry for me. I might share someday, but for now I don’t see the need to do that. But someone I know did ask me to tell about my 3 most grateful moments…And here they are
1. The birth of my children. Even losing one, I still count myself lucky that I got to be his mom. The 3 that survived I love them so much, they have no idea! I used to do dates with each individual kid, let that one know they were, ‘my favorite’ , i figured they’d never catch on, as I did it to all of them, they found out!but I just wanted them know how very special they are to me, each has a secret place in my heart. As my heart makes room for 2 new favorite people♡! Yes, I’m so grateful for these 5 people. 
2. That it never worked out with anyone I dated before Daddy. Not even in marriage, not even through having children. I’m so grateful to not be in a dead end relationship anymore.
3. That I have the ‘man of my dreams’! I get my fairytale ending♡ And we live happily ever after. I’m so grateful to be in this relationship, happy just doesn’t describe it well enough.  Ecstatic? Close, but it’s more than that. It’s simple, there are no words that can humanly define what we have, or how I feel. 

7 of us is enough! Lol


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