Permission to redo your list my Master  

As I was having time with my most precious Master on Friday, I was clearly dealing with to much at one time. He noticed. He was trying to set me up to change how I normally process the junk from the week. I see that now. He wants only the best for me, He sees my weakness and is trying to set me up for better. Thank you Master

I needed some quiet time and reflection. I knew He gave me a task to do on Friday.  Love Him so much so I pushed it up to the top of my list. I thought quickly so as to get it done fast. I had much to do in only a weekend. At this moment I got lots done, but not all. 

I heard what He said, but I don’t think I really listened to His words. He has been most upset with His slave. I did not try to push Him, nor do anything disrespectful,  but my actions came across that way. I could have taken more time with the list my Master asked for. I could have asked for clarification,  but I sadly did not. I could have stopped everything I was doing asked Him to give me another chance to do this right, but again, sadly I did not. I’m still trying to control things around me. 

My most precious and wonderful Master how do I thank you for trying to show your slave a way to change, you see the bigger picture as always my King. I can only ask that I have a way to please redo what you have asked of me, if you allow your most humble slave to redo the list that is most important Sir, may I please ask for clarification  as well, so this time I may please you, give up all control over my life that I place in your most capable hands Sir. I love you and adore you. I do want to be the best slave I can be, i can only leave this before you now.  I know the love you have for me, I can feel it. Which is why you were trying to show me and tell me something quite important Sir. I hear you now. Thank you for the unconditional love you show this slave. 

With my whole heart my Master, I’m sorry

– your slave

2 thoughts on “Permission to redo your list my Master  

  1. FervidM says:

    This was very heartfelt, and that can be difficult to put out there for the public.

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