What is He up to?

The more Daddy talks, the more I listen, the more I hear from Him. I can honestly say it’s sinking in. He works hard so I’ll process things. I’m excited! But not quite ready for the ‘Happy Dance’, lol

I think I’m getting better at this! I don’t freak out so much! Some days I think He likes me freaking out. Like the other day, out of the blue Daddy asks me what kind of wedding have I thought of? To be honest, I have given this very little thought. Especially since He’s been wordy about how long He wants us to wait.  I figure I shouldn’t get ahead of myself, so I let the thought go. I sort of figured He might not like it if I was planning moments that won’t happen  for a while. You know how women can get so caught up in things like that. I do like the beach!

Daddy has let my kids know that ‘soon’ He wants them to go shopping with Him , my kids assume it’s for me, and that it’s going to be important,  but He mentioned nothing to me, so I tend to think they are overreacting. So I will let that one go. 

Then Daddy has dropped hints of a question He wants to ask me. That He wants us to live together soon. 

I’m trying to take this all in as quick as I can. Honestly I never saw this coming, even though Daddy has known from the start that I wanted long term. I do like Daddy’s thinking! The way He surprises me! Now to see where life takes Us! I have the most wonderful Daddy ever♡


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