Our life, His rules,my dream last night.

This is a dream, it’s only a dream. But it was hot!

Daddy pulled me out of bed early in the morning, He gave me 3 mins to wake up. I was to put on a pink school girl skirt, and heels. Daddy started tying my wrists together, and I see Him putting the rope up above my head, there is an eye bolt in the ceiling, He runs the rope thru that, my hands are tied above my head. 

Daddy pulls out a new belt with a shiny buckle on it. “Heres how this is gonna go kitten ” Daddy says with a deep growl in His voice. I know that tone of His, which means business, so paying attn is what im to do right now, even more than usual. ” we will be going out today, your rules have increased. This is serious kitten,  it’s for your own good to keep you safe at all times, be respectful to me and my club members, do try to have some fun, but remember at all times who you belong to, Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir”

” So kitten,  since I need you to really listen we are going to do something new today. We are going over the rules again and after each one you will feel pain. The purpose is twofold babygirl, 1. So I know every time you sit or move you will think about this morning. 2. I’m Daddy and our life goes,my way.”

(Smack) right across my ass, it takes my breath away. “Don’t go anywhere by yourself unless I’ve given the ok”.

(Smack) across my ass again, I can feel the heat rising.  “You belong to Daddy, you will be respectful at all times.”

(Smack) my ass stings, tears are welling up. ” You will be on your best behavior. ”

Daddy had a few more rules for me. I feel the burn on my ass. He untied my arms and puts me on the bed next to him. He takes care of me while He gives me soft kisses.  “Get dressed Babygirl, we are leaving soon. Look sexy!”

Daddy and I at the get together. It’s a concert and bbq, with tons of bikers from everywhere. I was understanding why Daddy was being so strict. We find His club and I do my best to stay in His sight and yet let Him talk. I make sure He can see me , each time our eyes meet He winks at me ,which lets me know He’s happy with me.

As the night goes on it’s much harder to stay in His sight as night sets in. I am making friends with the other girls. I find Him to ask if I may go with them to get some drinks for us. He has this look in His eyes, He swats my ass as to remind me to think about that morning. I look at Him and smile. I go with the girls to get drinks. Once I get back to Him He’s not happy , something happened. He grabs my arm lets me know we’re leaving. 

Once home, I hear a knock at the door. Some of Daddy’s club shows up to calm Him down. I still have no idea what happened. I try to ask Him if everything is fine, but He is so upset He grabs me by the throat and puts a squeeze on my throat , I’m gasping for air. He is still upset, but it has nothing to do with me. His club members want Him to let me breathe, but He lets them know that breathing is a privilege.  He lets go of my throat, has a grip on my arm He’s headed down the hallway to our room. He sees rope and locks me to our bed. I say nothing. 

It takes Him a while to be more like himself.  He left me tied up for quite a while. I hear the door close. I’m sure His friends have left. He’s in the doorway talking about something but I don’t understand.  He untied me, held me. Within moments Daddy is all over me and the night takes a turn! Daddy knows just how to fuck me! He’s so hot and makes the night so fun. 

By the next morning Daddy is kissing me as I wake up. What a great way to wake up. Daddy and I get to talk. He lets me know He was so proud of me. He let me know what He was upset about. We had a great time together. 
* this was a good dream! I woke up so damn horny for Daddy. But I also realize I’m very much looking forward to living with Daddy too. Once I got to see Daddy tonight I just knew I needed some attn. I missed Him so much.  I find myself thinking about being together in more ways than one! I’m processing it all quite nicely. I start daydreaming of life with Daddy. I try to stop myself, but lately Daddy bringing up things it gets me thinking. Lol. I like it♡

– Daddy’s kitten 


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