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Beautiful Aspirations –

This does sound like my Master even without the collar. As He knows the collar is sacred to me, this writing is very close to how I feel, why it means so much to me. The very reason I can only give this to one man as my dominant and not go from Dom to Dom wearing many collars. Meaning, I have reasons I’ve never worn a collar offered from a dominant,  as of yet. It is a most sacred trust that you are asking for, or giving. It’s to be taken quite seriously, as a proposal. The collar I would receive will be mine because One finds me worthy, not just to own me. But proud of the deeper meaning for us both. We are one. I have never taken this lightly, and I never will. Most subs/slaves I have trained often wonder why I don’t congratulate them on getting a collar in under a year. Because you don’t need me to explain something only my heart and soul can barely put into words. I was trained to honor a collar that I accept. If this dominant  will  be in my life forever and we have enough time together to prove this, there’s no need ask if I wear your collar, you already know the answer, it is a gift like my submission was when we were first together.  If these things are not present between us, please do not ask I would never accept.  

I guess in a way I always knew I wasn’t about to just be collared to say, “Look at me! I’m a collared submissive”. I could care less what the world thinks, or anyone in the lifestyle for that matter. Only my dominant, and only my heart.  

Time will tell, my patience will be rewarded. So will the meaning. The one true dominant who has my heart will be the only one I accept, ever. He knows who He is! Mark my words, this will be the only collar I ever wear.

Beautiful writing even if it’s only a book. Seems whoever wrote this understands what a collar actually means. 


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