I just looked at Him

So after a misunderstanding,  we were together both of lost as to how we went off track and derailed. Well no one ever said we were perfect. We got back on track!

The moment He walked through the door He set things in His hands down, walked over to me and we just melted into each other. Any couple can lose it for the moment, but once I saw Him, it was worth letting go of, i held Him, He was holding me. It felt so good to just feel Him next to me, His arms around me. That deep sigh we both took. Nothing is more important than that moment,nothing. 

We talked, we laughed,  He shared. He had some great news for us! That was probably the sweetest thing I had heard ever from a man. It will remain private, He always shows me in small subtle ways that I am right where I belong. 

So, after some very private time together, He was over me, just looking at me. I really looked at Him,  I could feel love coming from Him and I matched His level of desire. I saw the man I want to be with forever just staring at me and smiling. My first thought was, ” I really do want to be His wife”. One day it will be!
I did go Check out Pinterest, fb, Instagram and online for wedding ideas, bouquets, dresses, cakes,  invites, and more… I  inundated Daddy with all this stuff too. I wanted Him to get a glimpse of my thinking. To see that I’m matching His thinking. I want the same things for us, all because of this one look on His face.  There was just so much love in His eyes.  I want Him forever! 
I love you Daddy!

– His kitten

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