My sweet Master, whom I adore

I had a rough week, and part of the weekend too. But I won’t go into that,  it doesn’t need more of my mental energy since I’m feeling better.

As of recently talking to my Master, I did request for Him to be honest with me. My life has been a roller coaster of some negative crap, rather then process I stuffed it til I was ready to explode.  Not good. But it’s how I always dealt with it. My Master wanted me to be more vocal and at least let Him know when something was going on , so I don’t stuff it and leave Him in the dark. As I left out communication the last time, I blamed my Master for not meeting my needs. 

Why would anyone want to enter a shitstorm like that. I couldn’t blame Him. The moment we saw each other we both fell into each other. I needed Him so much. I also know to listen closely to Him. He knows me best. His job is to set me up for success. He does! 

So, I promised myself that the next time shit started I would be more verbal ,faster . I Did! Daddy responded by text. He might never have any idea how much I needed His communication. I don’t need Him to solve the problems, but if He has suggestions I will gladly listen. I realized  as I read His texts the feeling going through me, I was surprised and feeling understood. I also noticed that I wasn’t stuffing it. Which will help me. 
My Master/Daddy may never realize how much He helped me today. He may never know how important His communication was. He may never know just how much respect I have, even more for Him, at this very moment. 

I needed Him, and He was there! I know there will be times when He’s so busy I may have to wait for a response.  Or I even know , that since I asked for His complete honesty, He may say to me ,” I can’t deal with this right now”, ” this is to much for me to help with at this moment” or something to this effect. I have thought long and hard about it. Can I handle complete honesty from Him , even if He just can’t be there for me? My answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. I have to remember that my Master is human, not a super hero. He has stress in His life too. And He has every right to let me know that ‘now’ is not a good time, I’m fully loved by Him though at all times.
I want forever with Him. I know He makes feel so important!  Thank you Master for helping me today, and I’m fully aware there will be times when you cannot. I promise my love and respect for you won’t change. As I know this is just a moment in our forever.  
Love you Daddy♡

– His Kitten


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