Whatta mighty good man

Mix – Salt ‘N’ Pepa – Whatta Man 1994 (feat. En Vogue): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-WFNbMohTQ&list=RD8-WFNbMohTQ

Oh yes! He certainly is. Yesterday had a key point to it, that I find it hard to explain but I needed the validation. It could only come from Him. I love when He is raw and honest with me. Sometimes it’s hard to hear but my feelings and respect for Him go even deeper. I love this man beyond words. I do give Him my heart, soul, and anything else He might want from me. 

I have not seen anyone like Him. He pulled me and my kids together after a tough time we all had, He didn’t bail us out, but He made us face one another. He took control, something kids wanted to fight. They didn’t know what to do once He said, ” this is how this is” even to me. We all had to process. 

Daddy spent some letting me state my feelings clearly to Him, respectfully. I got to say what had been pent up for months. He listened. I needed to be able to say a few things about a person who is not directly in my life, but will be on the sidelines. For the first time really , yesterday, I listened to Him too rather than just get defensive. I saw this person in a new light. I let my hate go. It was no longer valid. But I still want this person to move on, but I can give you a break. I don’t hate you any longer. I do feel a bit sorry for you. Being a single mother too I get it, it’s scary. You could try to give me a break to, I hope you do. But even as I’m not promised that you will, just know I get it now, I’m not saying I agree with anything. But I can release my anger ,it’s just not needed anymore. You know, if you gave me a chance you might find I can be a great friend. But that ball is in your court. 
Thank you Daddy! You will never understand this thank you, but you deserve it!! I love you so much. I love you more! What I’m writing about is the ‘more’ part!
– His kitten


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