Love my life!

The title says it all! I’ve had the most incredible time with more bonding time with my Master/Daddy. We are pulling our families together before we start more on this journey ahead. I do feel guilty as I don’t get more time with His children, but I’m sure I’ll get that in time.

As some friends, and some readers of my blog,  have told me they love what my Master and I have together. That’s great,  but they have not seen how we got here. We both have had our moments when we needed time to make sure this was really what we wanted. This lifestyle does not promise to be easy, you must still do the hard work just like any relationship.  I’ve been angry as hell as few times, enough to make me want to ask to be released, but so has he. ( well He didn’t need to ask to be released,  but you get what I meant!).  We have both been that irritated with one another,  but we pushed through and came out on the other side. It made us closer, more transparent with each other. 

Everyone has those days that they just need a day off. My Master and I are no different. He has many things going on in His life, as do I. We are not always together,  but we are 24/7. So we are always on. There are those days when we both feel like we need time to just be a person. Not a parent, not a couple, not a Master/ slave, not even a Daddy/Babygirl. But we take the time we need. I do still check in ,but I know my rules. I don’t bug Him unless I absolutely need to, or just miss the shit out of Him! We worked at this for quite sometime , it’s not perfect but it works for us. We have even let each other know that once we are under the same roof we will still have time apart. It does renew you, and while we are off doing our own thing, we do miss each other. That shows me that we both want this, it just works for us.

Next month, it will be a year and a half for us as Master/slave. I’m super excited, because I can honestly say it’s never worked out this well with anyone before. Granted we both have our days when the world kicks our ass, but we do support one another to get right back on track. We are stronger than we’ve ever been. And that gets stronger all the time. I love to look at Him,  watch Him with life, or kids and I just think to myself; ” how did I get so lucky?” 

As we make more plans for our future! Watching things unfold for us is getting exciting. We have a time when we know we will be under the same roof. We just recently, decided to really think about starting our own family!  If you’ve read my blog then you know how I’ve felt that the only thing that would be missing between, a child of our own. We have not been promised that, but it seems it may turn out to be possible. As we have not talked at great lengths about this yet, the idea has merit. We are on the same page it would seem. I’m so excited that we could be parents again, my only worry is what if it’s twins? He smiled,  He wasn’t worried at all. The thought of having ‘our’ own child together is really a happy thought for me, to actually be with a real man who is excited about that thought makes me over the top! It could be to soon to share this, but I’m excited and happy! 
Just always keep in mind that what you see, or think you see took work. Hard work. We are a solid couple now. I’m not sure there won’t be things that challenge us ever again.  There are a few things that still need to be worked on for me to feel 100% better, but they are in progress. I like that Master and i never go to fast, we let things fall into place as it should. I never see a reason to rush things , if it’s supposed to be , it always find a way! That fact that He and I are still standing here, side by side ,proves that we are a strong couple. We can get through anything together.  I love our journey, it’s messy, but it’s ours!  I can think of only 1 thing that I do want to go faster on… babies! Neither of us are getting any younger! Lol

I can hardly wait to see what the new year bestows on us?


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