I’m in His very capable hands

Who would have guessed, lol. I honestly don’t know how He can deal with so much going on in our lives. I’m just always watching Him, I’m never gonna figure how He does it. He has this way of making it look so damn easy. Job, me, kids, club, friends, family,  and any other stresses you can pile on this man. 

He deserves a vacation on a beach, minimal conversation, lots of alcohol, me by His side, and threesomes! Damn I wish I could give that to Him… one day my love, just for you my most beloved Master. 

I found some memes that do describe how I feel, or how I see things! I love memes!

Believe me, I wanna rip His clothes, all but that cut! It wont hit the ground. 

  I do tell Him this even when He says I’m a brat, I tell Him “It takes one to know one”. Only one of us will get a red  ass from this though! 

Oh, fuck! He sure does, every inch of Me! There’s nothing like Him inside of me from behind, He puts His lips near my ear and says;  “Mine”. Yes Sir, yours! Wet just thinking about Him♡

He does, He treats me like a queen. Thank you Sir, you always give so much of yourself and you never disappoint,  I don’t mean sex on this part. You’re my life Sir!

Guilty 😦 sorry Daddy, when I’m feeling like a Babygirl sex kitten I find it hard to listen. 

I’m passionate about Him. He’s got the most beautiful soul. I’ve never encountered anyone like my Daddy 

I find Him staring at me a lot. I’ve never been loved like this before. I don’t understand it, but I never get enough,lol. I miss Him the moment I know He has to go. So I stare at Him too, to remember how blue His eyes really are, they twinkle when He laughs,  when His cock is in my mouth and our eyes meet! Then His goes back in His head! Love that I affect Him like that. I’m His forever 

I never planned on Him. I was content to be alone the rest of my life, I refused to settle. Then He appeared in my life, nothing has been the same since. There is no ‘Me’ any longer, just ‘us’!

I have given Him my blessing, He asked for that. Thank you for asking, and not hurting me. So, after we live together, He can have poly. But i want Him to know all His kisses are mine, forever.  I don’t care who she is, she gets Him for a short time and then He’s gone from her life. But He’s mine forever ♡ , this is sacred to me, I need to know there’s a line no other woman can cross. 

Maybe this is why He seems obsessed with me wearing dresses?? I’m having a feeling He would like them even once His seed is planted! Just guessing here, I know my man! My Daddy! My Master!

It would not have lasted this long if it was only lust. My feelings for Him are stronger now then when we first began, I know Him so well now. My heart is tied to His. I’m right where I want to be in my life.

His very capable hands! They are rough from His job cuz He works so hard. Weathered from riding along side His brothers. Seem soft when they caress my skin, not completely but I love that. His full hands when He’s hugging one of the kids, or talking to them, showing them something, or just playing with them. Capable as life brings us things we must get through, He holds those hands out to me and I grab on, Only those hands pick me up when I’m serving, those hands hold me close to Him. Those hands spank my bottom to show me who’s in charge all the time. Those hands brush the hair from my face whether I’ve cried, or have cum on me.  Those hands part my legs and they play with my cut or go deep inside,mmm. When those hands of His hold mine, of my…I love His hands.

I never understand why I crave Him everyday

I know we have gone slow, but He knew I needed It! I want my happy ending with Him Only!
– His kitten


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