Babies on the brain!

Ok, so Daddy created a monster! I was very unhappy for years after having my youngest child. I always wanted more children. I always had my heart set on a big family,  when that didn’t seem possible I started to go into myself.  I gave the idea up, with much heartache.  My Daddy recently opened this up for me again. I don’t think He has any idea how on board I am with this! He doesn’t know how happy He’s made me. I want this so much! This has made me so happy that I want everything He’s been talking about. 

I saved tons of pics, took tons of pics! I was even asked if I was expecting!  The lady let me know I didn’t even look pregnant,  I’m not, Hoping that soon I will Be! 

This is just of my favorites so far! I even found everything with Hello Kitty for lil baby girls! I found lots of football stuff for boys. I had lots of fun today just looking,  daydreaming, and thinking about babies. 

Oh no, what has Daddy done to me?! I got babies on the brain!


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