When shit hits the fan

Well shit did hit the fan today. You always know that bad things can and do happen. As my Daddy says, ” prepare for the worst, hope for the best”. I did have this type of thinking all day today. Twice shit hit the fan, and I  had more than enough to deal with, big stuff, life changing type stuff.
What surprised me the most was, that in the past I’ve always gone through all this stuff alone. Occasionally I will let a few close friends know what’s going on, but for the most part I’m not one to air my life on social media, or go cry to everyone i know so they feel sorry for me.Today I never felt alone. My Daddy was right there, even if only in text til we could see each other. Once He was near He held me close like His body was speaking to mine and I was listening. I felt more loved in that moment than ever. I felt so important.  I did not feel alone. Daddy let me know verbally I was not alone. I so needed that!

I have a few close friends who called, they knew today was a big day for me. All of them checked on me. One thing I can say , as shit got the fan today I felt very cared about. My friends noticed I was sad but not to depressed. I let them know that my Daddy did that! Finally someone cared about me in this life, like never before. I did start to cry when telling that part.

When you’ve never been important to anyone, you know the difference right away. I always wanted love, but it never happened, til Daddy. It still freaks me out. How do you get used to something you’ve never had? How do you ever get to feel that you deserve it? As Daddy’s slave I feel most unworthy. He will have to change that if need be. 

To all my friends and family, you proved I’m important in your lives when my day goes to hell, thank you. I will remember that always, and when your life sux note I’ll be there for you too. 

To my Daddy: you are absolutely the most wonderful man ever. You helped me through a tough day, made me feel so loved and cared for. I’m glad you’re here, don’t ever leave. I need my Daddy♡  I know I have more to go through because of today, but I don’t feel alone. Only you did that for me, I’ve never had that before. I know it sounds stupid to be happy that everything went wrong today, but it showed me that you are the man, you are not just saying words you know I want to hear from you, you actually backed it up. Thank you so much Daddy. 

Daddy, I’m horny. 

I LOVE YOU DADDY ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

-His kitten 

4 thoughts on “When shit hits the fan

  1. Sapphire By the Sea says:

    Oh, my sister! How you have perfectly captured the heart of how much deeper this lifestyle goes in fulfilling basic needs of trust that most can say they never fully had. So beautifully written! Fathers and husbands and sisters and friends should always be there for us, we should never have to be alone in our travails – ever. i appreciate my Daddy so much in the same way, and you nailed it on the head. Thank you for a poignant post.

  2. Sapphire By the Sea says:

    Here for you, cheering you on through this season of challenge. The great thing about the s**t hitting the fan (especially an oscillating one) is it spreads it around for everybody to help clean up….I’ll bring the mop!

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