The gift of a dominant

In our lifestyle we all know about the gift of submission, an actual person giving of themselves to you, to use how you choose as long as you take care of them. What a Gift!

The flip side is there is an actual gift from the dominant as well. Does anyone ever think about that? Talk about It? I’m going to go with no here, but let’s do hit on this now. Maybe you can deepen your submission, if you see this side of your dominant.

First off, the gift of a true dominant is just accepting you as you are, flaws and all. All those perfect imperfections! While you grow together your dominant will accept the challenge of changing these things in you, helping you to become the best you.

They see us subs/slaves for what we could be. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see past the person I see in the mirror, while my Daddy says He does. He has pushed me in so many ways, so many areas and yet I will still fight tooth and nail about some areas. He finally called it like He sees it, I got irritated, but gradually had to come to realize He is the only man who really gets me. The look we exchange in these moments is His dominant stare that says; “I adore you mi amore, but you won’t win this, I see the real you”. Which makes want to meet His gaze, but It’s so powerful I can only look Him in the eyes for mere seconds. 

A dominant will give purpose beyond the present. As my Daddy sees the bigger picture,  I’m stuck in the moment. Recently with so much falling apart at once, I got moody and grumpy, made Him miserable with being so emotional. He gave me a bit of space to feel how I needed to feel. But He took the reins and showed me how to see these things and carry on. The next thing that fell apart I was processing it differently.  I’m a fast learner! Well, I do believe there was a belt invloved , that was a good motivator to do it His way.  

My Daddy gave me a safe place to express myself. My pain, resentment,fears, anger, love, and any other emotion I feel. Hopefully not all of them at the same time, lol.  This is actually cathartic for me. To get rid of pent up emotions that I stuff all the time. Most don’t deal with Him, just things I couldn’t or didn’t want to process. This however does not mean an attitude adjustment isn’t coming if I unload this on Him incorrectly.  I’m learning ,as of recent, to wait for Him to show me the way,  to keep calm as I let it go bit by bit, keep my tone respectful cuz He is all over this shit and fast. ‘I can be taught!’

My dominant offers peace,love, guidance and discipline. Some of which I’ve explained above, but there’s so much more to it. He instinctively knows when I’m in ‘The Babygirl’ frame of mind, or if the sex kitten side is out, am i ready to bow before Him and serve with my slave heart. He can read me like a book. And He lovingly adjusts for each side of me. I know when He is teaching me, I can read Him too! I don’t waste His time, I listen and learn. For those moments that He doesn’t feel I’ve done my best, or the brat part of me sneaks out , He’s ready to discipline. Believe me, He’s ready.(ouch)

He will give me His strength and courage when mine fail. Can you find a stronger love than this? I think not. In my most recent writings I’m very emotional since I am not the type of person to see the forest through the trees, but He does. He spent a little extra time with me, talking with me, showing me how He Sees things. His way was so simple. Could it really be that easy?  It was, as things still felt unsettled around me, I stopped crying. I felt no power to change all this stuff, but change my perspective on them. He seemed much more pleased with me, but still planned more for my ass, til He’s happy with my behavior plus I think He feels guidance and discipline go together. After His lessons, He will spank me. Sort of like ;’ let’s make sure this really got in that thick, stubborn head of yours’. As He spanks me He really will ask me questions and expect answers. 

What a wonderful gift each true dominant brings. Thank them, and often. I do believe this may be a much bigger gift then submission.  But I guess they do go hand in hand. If we weren’t submissive before them, whom could they train. Take what your dominate offers, but not like a greedy ,selfish brat,but as a wise person who can see the truth when it presents itself. If your dominant gets furious with you, try to realize they see the ‘real’ you, the ‘You’ that you will become under their care. 

I truly love my life with Him, even in those painful moments. I love you Daddy.


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