Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

Daddy had a long drive ahead of Him, He asked me to come along. Yes! How exciting to have Daddy all to myself. 

My Daddy and I are fun, wild, but he’s way more adventurous then me. Me? Well I’m a Libra so I need planned spontaneity! But we always have a good time together. With us it’s never a dull moment! But I also like that we can be silent and just in the moment. I love that! So many ppl fill the silence with chatter. For me, I know if I’m comfortable with you I can just be me , and at times I won’t talk, I’m just enjoying the moment of that person’s company. Daddy will ask me what’s on my mind? I honestly answered, ” I’m hungry Daddy ”  He just smiles.  Did He think I was deep in thought , running world problems thru my mind?  Nope, I’m simpler than that.  

When Daddy and I did talk, wow! We talked of love, of life, and politics, and 1 person I have some anger for. He listened to me, i listened to him. I find my Daddy to be a most intelligent man. Well thought out opinions, doesn’t just follow the masses. When He believes in someone or something He can talk quite passionately about that subject, I love that. Im that way too. 

It was so much fun to be with Him. I really enjoyed this time together.  I do love it when He just breaks out in song! Lol . He is the most unique man, one of a kind! Sing ‘our’ song Daddy♡. And when He told me I’m beautiful. I could feel He meant it, I actually felt beautiful. I know He says it all the time, but this was just the way He said it!He let me know this: I really thought when we were playing and He had His phone that He must be watching porn or texting friends, I never thought in a million years that He was making a video of me. 

I did find it interesting when we were talking about threesomes,  we were honest in what we want. I really want Him in charge over me. I want Him to take care of me in this setting so it’s enjoyable, I’ll follow His lead. Be transparent so i can always feel safe.We were able to be so open about it. I think He doesn’t know what to say sometimes since most females in His past were way to possessive,  how it appears to me. I’m not the jealous type, or I wasn’t, til Him. That was an emotion I had not experienced before, not even when married,lol. But I find He’s not wanting me to be jealous, He’s really showing me it’s all about ‘us’! 

Even with Daddy wanting poly type thing when we are together,  I’m not bothered by that. He says ill get transparency on this too! I really feel that He will find the balance, I don’t feel Daddy wants a me to leave, not at all, or be jealous. It will be a delicate balance so I know as my King has His time with others, I’m still right by His side as His queen! Where He put me in a place of honor.

I am looking forward to starting a life together under the same roof. But I also enjoy what we’ve started together. I look at Him and I can feel the love coming from Him. No other woman holds the key to His heart, it’s all mine. He took the time to build this trust within me. He doesn’t want to break me, but enhance our lives together. I know He loves that we both have other interests besides just each other. And I fully agree, most couples make that other person their whole life, and they get bored. For Daddy and I, we will do it different. We didn’t it wrong the first time with our exes. I believe absence makes the heart grow fonder, plus everyone just needs time to be themselves. But I’m looking so forward to forever with this man.

That smile,  those blue eyes, the way He seems to look thru my soul. He just gets me!
Love you Daddy♡

-His Kitten 


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