This man is my destiny

After a very trying week, one that had pushed our relationship hard, probably it’s hardest. Every relationship takes a beating, but it’s more about that couple.

How strong are you together? Can you both withstand any storm that comes your way?  Most ppl say yes, but you won’t know til your in the grips of reality. You know the moment you are both face to face this is a make or break situation. Which side will you land on. I promise you won’t know that answer til you go through the storm. 

Once you both know you love each other, you want to be together for reasons that make sense to you both and no one else. You have this moment of clarity, ‘ I’m not ready to end this with you’. You know you aren’t a victim or a doormat,  you love each other more than what’s going on. It’s to easy to just say goodbye, find someone else. That connection you have, you might find it again, but will you really? Look how long it took to find it. Be honest with yourself about what you both really want. 

Then once you are set and take off in the same direction again, hand in hand, make sure you fix that storm. That could be a weak spot for you both. If it’s worth staying together, then do the work figure out how to be stronger than before.  It’s worth it, your relationship is worth it. Kinky or not, there is still something between these 2 ppl , fate or some cosmic connection brought you both together. Make the relationship important,  don’t go backwards, don’t ignore problems. We all have them. There is no perfect relationship,  but there are couples who are just meant to be! Are you one of them? I know we are!

I didn’t want to be apart from Him, nor Him me. You go through the checklist, I can’t live without your smile,  your laugh, the way it feels with your arms wrapped around me, your kiss, the moments between us, it’s just everything about you. I can’t live without you. I do need you in my life. I’m guessing He needs me in His!

As we sat across from each other,  holding hands across the table, looking at one another. I’m thinking to myself, I’m the luckiest woman alive, crazy thought at this time, lol. But I felt a deeper love for Him, a closer connection to Him than ever before. Say what you want, I know what I feel. He is truly my forever. I’m glad this happened, we knew what we wanted, each other. That’s a beautiful thing! 

I love you so much Daddy, you are my world. Thank you for standing by my side through the storm.

-His kitten 


One thought on “This man is my destiny

  1. Sapphire By the Sea says:

    Excellent wisdom, dearest kitten of His. Yes, patience while we adapt to the new normal, so true! The road to healing and health is a looooong one, not to be underestimated. It takes a special Man, indeed. How lucky you are to have such a loving, patient Daddy after all you’ve been through.

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