He’s such an amazing man

So, yesterday sucked really bad, but I got some downtime, I got to feel sorry for myself and just cry. Acceptance is where I’m at now, I don’t have to like it, it won’t change, but I’m doing my best to accept it. I’m working on that.

Daddy, was wonderful. He knew it hurt, and He let me have some time. He held me and loved me through it. He’s actually the one who’s helped me the most in my life. 

I used to stay stuck on things I couldn’t accept or change. Now I’m more able to have some time, and process and start moving on. Plus there’s nothing on earth like being held all night by the man you love, and process He loves you just as much. I’ve never had that, not one day, before Him that is. It’s still new to me.
I like how He is with me. He never said ‘just get over it, it doesn’t matter’. Daddy let me feel. I’m so thankful. I’ve never had anyone quite like Him in my life. I’m such a lucky Babygirl! Last night I was full one Babygirl, and He was perfect! Totally perfect! 

I’m spending the rest of my life with this man! I’ll just baby Him, I’m sure He won’t mind!

I love you Daddy♡

– His kitten♡


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