Best birthday ever!

Mix – Jeremih – Birthday Sex:

I had the best birthday I can actually ever remember. From start to finish, it was just excellent.  It started actually the night before, my Daddy got a huge surprise from His friends! I know it happened to Daddy, but I was excited for Him, like it happened to me. I got to share in Daddy’s happiness, so it was great! Daddy stayed the night, we had some extra time together-no kids.

So, when I woke up this morning Daddy wasn’t in my bed. He had gone to work. I knew we had plans together today for my birthday! 

When I hear Daddy pull up outside. Hair done, check! Make up done, check! Knee socks on, check! He knocked and I opened the door for Him, as I sort of stood behind it, I wanted to see His face when He saw me! I greeted Daddy at the door, naked. His face was, wow! So surprised! I don’t get to do that for Him cuz usually kids around,  or we are both just busy! But I don’t think He will forget it. I love surprising Him. 

Daddy and I did have a lot of fun together. I got birthday sex!!! Thankfully no birthday spankings,  unless those are coming… or I just reminded Him… Damn it

Daddy and I spent lots of time together. It was great,  He felt that we didn’t do anything that fun 0n my birthday. He’s crazy,  cuz I needed, wanted time with just Him! I like it peaceful and calm, my Libra side needs that. He might not know how much this meant to me, but it was actually the best part of my day, no lie. I don’t need fancy destinations, or gifts to be happy. I just need Him. He still doesn’t get this, but I will repeat it forever for Him. 

So, then my son forgets his wallet at work, Daddy has to go. So I kiss Daddy, and off I go to race to sons work so he can get his wallet, dork! Then it’s off to Tempe to pick up a friend. We have fun together,  eat dinner,  get me a birthday sash! I was already wearing a tiara! Pics will be provided for your viewing pleasure!  

So, we decide to shoot pool. One of my fav things to do. More friends come! We all decide to go to Oktoberfest! Fun, fun,fun. Music, tons of ppl wishing me a Happy Birthday!  And as I stood taking a pic, a huge group of ppl passed by and wished me a happy bday! And I got to smile and be Happy! 

My son who was part of the fun, looked at me and said, ‘mom, you haven’t been this happy ever that I can remember. It’s Him isn’t it?  

Without crying but I could feel the lump in my throat as I answered, ‘Yes!’  We both knew it was all about my Daddy. I have never celebrated a bday since I had kids. My son by my side, in all his 24 yrs had never seen me like this. No alcohol , just me being my goofy Babygirl self, and having a blast.  Do i wish Daddy had been able to be there, sure. But I didn’t let that thought stop the fun, Daddy told me to go have a good time and report to Him how it was going.  I Did! 
Now to have a birthday dinner with Daddy and the kids! So looking forward to that. 

Thx to everyone who shared some of their time with me and made me feel very special!  Love you all so much! You all added to the best birthday ever! 

Last but definitely not least,  thank you Daddy, without none of this would have been possible. You have changed me, your slave, so much, and I didn’t even notice. I’m keeping you! Forever and ever! You are my rock and my King! Everyone who knows me said this was the happiest they’ve ever seen me, it was all made possible by only you. Thank you Daddy- your most humbled slave

– His kitten  ( Yes, some day I’m going to marry that man! Oops, I mean my Master)

See the tiara!!!

A very tired birthday babygirl
Comments from friends!  

* yes I did share a private conversation with my bff, but only to show that I meant what I said!

4 thoughts on “Best birthday ever!

  1. I hope the happiness continues and may all of your birthday wishes come true.

  2. Happy birthday! It sounds like you had a blast! 🙂

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