I want that!

The other  day I’m driving to work, and I’m at a red light. This older couple crosses the street and they are holding hands, talking, laughing, and at one point he even grabbed her ass!  When I think of forever with my Master that’s exactly what I want. A long, full, happy life together.  Tattoos all over us!  Oh, the stories we will tell the grandchildren. 

Life should be that Good! I know we aren’t promised today, but I want to grow old with Him. Walk hand in hand, still enjoy His company. Have Him still grab my ass! That’s what I really want!

-His kitten 

One thought on “I want that!

  1. suregirl69p says:

    Hi I am sub Brie and I have to agree whole heartily with you about that statement. My Master is my world I want to also grow old with him.

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