Passed the test, the moment of truth

Yes I did!  But then I didn’t even know there was one. Never studied for it, so more like a pop Quiz! As a submissive in this lifestyle we get tested periodically.  Our Doms/Masters need to know where we are at, have we changed, is this really the person I want…etc…

We all talk about trust, but can you really trust It? For both sides it’s different,  and sometimes down right irritating to find that the person has put on  a marvelous show, and deserves an Oscar for that kind of deceit. 

We should all walk the walk, talk the talk. But when it comes down to it, can I trust you implicitly? And if we want forever, can I trust you with my life, my kids, my private things,  my family,  my friends, my extended family. Can you be who you say you Are? Go the distance? 

He looked at me yesterday and just beamed with pride, started telling me how proud He is of me, His slave. I didn’t know I had done anything different this particular day, but to hear about a test and that each female before me had let Him down and had not passed was disheartening,  is there really so few ppl to trust? I listened intently to what He was saying, He was happy I passed His test. He was so very proud of me for being exactly who I say I am. 

Granted in this lifestyle , at times a Dom or Master will check on you (test) to see how things are doing,  this I’ve only heard of since no one has ever stayed for this long.  I hope I keep making Him proud.  I hope He knows how much He means to me, how much I love Him. It’s not just words, it’s my heart♡

I’m still smiling that He’s so proud of His bratty- babygirl- slave!

I love you Daddy♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


6 thoughts on “Passed the test, the moment of truth

  1. suregirl69p says:

    Wow that is wonderful. As a submissive I know what it is like to have Master say he is proud of me. It is a great feeling.

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