A love letter to my daughter…

I love you, adore you, you are one of the most important people to me in this entire world. As you become a woman, i realize there are so many things I screwed up, I never had the chance to show you what a real loving relationship is, until now. I don’t want you to follow in my past footsteps, but the now.

 I know now you saw the abuse of the past,  the things you heard and saw I wish I could erase it from your memory. Only put in good and wonderful things. I do get a second chance in my life! I finally have love, real love. I get to show you what that is, and hope it will infect every area of you and you find that too. 

I know I push you hard at times, it’s only because I see your potential. I want the very best that life has to offer for you! I will always be your mom, but when you’re older your best friend. 

I love my job of being a mom, and it has been a privilege and honor to be yours. I’m so glad you’re still here, think of all you would be missing… I’m so thankful for the bad times, they made you so strong. 
We get the chance to start our lives again. Not everyone gets that, so don’t waste it. Live each day! Breathe and smile! Because you are the best reason to smile! 
I know you don’t know this… But you are my favorite! You are my sunshine♡ My only sunshine♡ 

We have years of memories, hope I remember them all. Lol. And now we have years for many more! And new additions to our family (3). I couldn’t have this without you. 

I love you my sweet girl.



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