The gift of true love

Daddy knows I’m not big on getting gifts, but I love to give them ,  love to spoil those I love. But Daddy did give me a gift , He just doesn’t know it yet.

His gift to me is everything I’ve been waiting for, and if you’ve never had a gift like this ,then you don’t even notice it when it’s right in front of you. 

This gift doesn’t come  with a package, or bow. He did not buy it in a store. He didn’t need to know my size or favorite color. To give this gift you must have a heart full of love, the other person must matter to you more than anything else in this world. His gift was pure love, that forever kind. 

How do I know? this is how… Does His words match His actions. Does He have plans for our future. Does He say ‘ I love you’, these can all be tricky, be careful, there those men who have studied the ones who are genuine and have learned how to lie, it’s up to you to take the time you need and wait and see if it’s real. So many men have ruined these things for us, I know, I had heard them before. My thought was why should I trust them now? 

He always let me go slow. He still jokes around that I only have 2 speeds, slow or stop. So, He did need to adjust and help me since slow and steady did win this race. Plus Him meaning exactly what He said, follow through. Once He met my kids I knew something was different in me, I would never let my kids be part of something if I really didn’t think it was good and pure. He has slowly changed us all, for the better. No one left untouched ( in a good way !), we all needed the love He was giving .  We all needed the trust He was showing us. He’s been a most patient Master with us all. I’m so glad He wasn’t in a hurry, none of us do fast! Poor Master!
The things I’m going through right now are the very examples I needed from Him, He just had no idea. But no man before Him ever passed this . It’s NOT a test. It’s real life. In the past, when I’ve been sick, men bailed. There was no one asking if I was ok, how I felt, but He has. In the past I had surgery , there was no one going through it with me, I was alone, just me and my kids. This time I’m faced with some tough news, I waited to see if He would look at me as not whole, and just need to go. He hasn’t, instead He says, “we will get through this”. He takes my breath away. Before and after surgery, there is someone hoping all goes well. Someone afraid to lose me. This is a first, I mean the very first time ever, what a feeling that is. It’s the most beautiful feeling in the world. 

If you never experienced that feeling, I caution you to search for that kind of man. Just never ask me how I got so lucky, as to have my Daddy ,  cuz I don’t know. I’m just thankful every day of my life. He’s my forever! I hope He knows how much I love Him too. Because I sure Do! someone pinch me, did I really find the man of dreams! I think So! 

– His kitten


6 thoughts on “The gift of true love

  1. Hello! This is really beautiful! You are an amazing writer and a blessing to those little ones. I’ve adopted more than 20 cats in the past (most of them we found in the streets) and I can relate to this so much that it made me kinda emotional because I have been without a cat for years now 😦 I look forward to reading more from you!

  2. I love how you referenced all things that make love whole, it wasn’t sleazy or cheap but honest and genuine. Thanks to you I’ll be on the look out for those signs.

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