The story of us

It might not seem like a long time to you, but a year and a half for 2 ppl who had never found what they were looking for, til they met one night. That can feel like a long time. Our story actually starts a year before this, but I’m not sure I should tell about that. Why? Cuz Daddy reads everything and He does give me ‘the look.’ ( quick summary: He had mssgd me online, we talked about 3 weeks, I really liked Him but my personal life was truly falling apart, I didn’t think I could be the slave He would want. I was unhappy, drinking a lot due to the stress (my ex) put me through. I honestly didn’t think it would be right to have someone in my life and then have to see me go thru this. I was not in a very submissive place. I really did like Him a lot. But I felt it was the best choice to get thru the crap by myself. Get my life cleaned up. And now you’re up to speed).Daddy disagrees, He was never happy about this. See, the reason I try not to bring it up.

It was a cold, wet night in April. We had a date to meet at a Dennys, I’d say the rest is history, but what you don’t know is that night was mesmerizing. We had this chemistry from the second we met, and it hasn’t changed. The way He looked at me from across the table. He still takes my breathe away, and I’m still His safe place from the world. 

Even as we were saying goodnight to each other the electric ran thru my body, as it still does. I could hardly breathe, just wondered where He had been my whole life. I knew I needed to get to know Him, figure out why I couldn’t get Him off my mind. 

Normally in my past, to show dominant men they don’t own me, I refuse sex for as long as I can handle it. Longest was 4 months, the norm was at least a month. Grandma always told me to make them wait. When it came to Him, I really intended to make Him wait, but it didn’t quite go that way. I slept with Him the next day. Ok, so we waited 10 hrs, I felt He would understand I wasn’t a slut. Lmao. I used to pride myself on making them wait,  but I still cant tell you why I had no strength around this man. Resistance was futile. Our first time was eventful, you have to find it yourself amongst my writings! But we are still going strong ,  which was new for both of us.

After our first sexual encounter, I became a bit withdrawn, I wasn’t sure I should have gone that fast. I was upset with myself,embarrassed . He started texting me,made sure I still wanted to get to know Him, making sense, and I asked Him to keep talking. Ever sense then, He kept talking! 

We aren’t perfect by any means, but we do have something with each other that we were missing with everyone else. Love, respect, kindness, and dare I say soul mates! I dare! I had this instant connection to Him that I have never had before. His smile drew me in, but the sound of His voice sent electric  thru my body! His touch melted my skin. Then there’s His smile.Ok! Yes everything about Him just does it for me! physically,intellectually, emotionally, sexually.

Now it is a year and a half later. We’ve had our problems, disagreements,  arguments, compromises, laughs, sex, rules, structure,  dinners, gifts, talks filled with fun,  texts,  naked pics, and tons of other stuff and firsts… I wouldn’t change one thing. We are who we are as ppl, I appreciate Him as He is. 

As for forever,  I want that with Him. We don’t need to rush things. Ok, part of me wants to rush, only because after all this time I really do love waking up to Him! I sleep better when He stays over, I feel safer. Is it so wrong to want these things with my Daddy? No. But things will happen as they are supposed to! I strongly believe that!

The story of us, is not complete. It might never be, our life is an adventure together, not a destination. We do things differently in our relationship and it works. We realize we can’t be each others whole world. We did that before, nothing kills a relationship faster than no other interests but that one person. We both have our own friends, you just need it. We both know the other persons friends. We can trust each other, our relationship is more important to us than any hot guy or chic. You might be fine, but what we have together is rare, we already know that. We are right where we want to be! It feels great!  I love Him! More and more each day, especially watching others around me fall apart. I don’t want to be without Him, He really is my forever♡

I do love it when others notice how we’ve changed just from being together. 

So, this is us. 5 kids, we have jobs, its like we are regular ppl,  out of millions in this big world, we found each other! We dislike holidays, but we do them for the kids. One day it will just be us two! The dogs, His motorcycle. Now that’s a happy life, what more could anyone ask for…

-His babygirl

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