Where you mama?

Recently my kids wanted funny stories, of them, any I could remember. The dollar store story still pulls in the laughs of all the kids. Yes, I’m blonde and I have these moments… 

Dollar stores were a new thing to Az, I wanted to go see what was inside. I had my 2 small boys in tow. J was 5 yrs, so T was 1yr old. 

There weren’t many aisles , only 4. So it was relatively small. J looks up at me and wants to go look at the wall of toys. I let go of his hand and leave him to look, T and I are gonna go explore this new store. I do tell J that when he’s done come find me, there is only 4 aisles.  Behind the counter is this Vietnamese family , the were the owners, there were 5 of them. ( a mom, dad, a boy, a girl and a grandmother). They didn’t take their eyes off me, as I was perusing the aisles.

In the distance, I hear a child cry. I then hear a man ask the child ” where you mama?” I then hear the voice of this small child , its my child! With T in my arms I go to where I left my other son. Yes, he’s crying. He claimed he couldn’t find me. The man and all family members behind the counter give me this look that just made me feel like the worst mother. 

I take my sons hand, and we leave. I didn’t buy anything , I was embarrassed that my 5 yr old son couldn’t find me with only 4 aisles, and I was irritated, cuz there were only 4 aisles. 

Several weeks pass, and i decide to go back in to the dollar store. This time I run over some quick rules. J asks again if he can go look at the toys. I remind him that “when he’s done to come look for me, should be easy, there’s only 4 aisles.”As I leave his side, again T in my arms, I felt much more confident this time. I get down a further down an  aisle this time. I hear a cry from a child in the distance. Then I hear, ” where you mama?”  I’m hoping with everything in me that its not my son. For the love of God and everything holy, don’t let my kid be a moron, again…oh fuck, its my kid AGAIN. The family behind the counter gives this disapproving look. I feel worse then I did the last time. As I get my loving spawn of Satan back to the car, I try to hold back my anger. Ask him, ” how in the hell can you not find me with only 4 aisles?”  all I get in reply, ” I don’t know”. I’m fuming.

Months pass and I decide to try this one more time. I’m going to go into this store more time, no drama. I have my 2 boys by the hand, as I enter the store. J looks up at me as we walked part of the way down an aisle, I was ready for him. 

” don’t you dare ask me if you can look at toys, you can’t. You refuse to try to find me with only 4 damn aisles to this store. I’m done with you leaving my side, so just let me walk through the store, stand here, be quiet.” He tries to say something else. ” just hush”.  I know I sounded harsh, but it wouldn’t happen again. 

In the distance, I hear a child’s cry, I look down at my side, and my 5 yr old is there! Its not my kid this time! no one can make me feel like a bad mom this time. Then I hear, ” where you mama?”  I’m still feeling this happy warm feeling in my heart , so glad its not me this time. But I look at my other side and realize T is gone. OH GOD ,WHERE IS MY BABY?? I’m freaking out. I’m going through the 4 aisles ,which feels like more when you panic. I go to the toys. There is my sweet boy, looking at toys and crying cuz he couldn’t find me. 

The man gives me my son. I refuse to look at him or his family. I couldn’t believe it happened again! How did it happen again? Then it hits me, when I bent over to be face to face with J so he knew I meant business this time, I let go of T’s hand. I didn’t mean to, it just happened. I did ask J a question… 

“Why didn’t you tell me that I let go of your brothers hand? ”

” mom, I was going to but you told me off and then said let you look in quiet” 


Well, I never did go back into that store,ever. We do occasionally drive past it, and now the kids are much older, we all break into laughter, and we all say, ” where you mama?”  good times! 

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